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Pokemon Shiny Gold Walktrough Intro This walkthrough is written by me (and edited some by me, ChrisG14, and I write

with the parenthesis!) when using Cyndaquil as my starter (I used Totodile). So the Rival fights are different. It is also for people who need help and keep spamming the Shiny Gold topic with questions that have been answered a thousand times already. We will not write down all the trainers Pokemon except gym leaders, but I will post the team used. 1. FAQs 2. Walkthrough 3. Evolutions 1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Q: I cant enter Olivine Lighthouse/Ice Path/Victory Road etc A: Thats because you dont have the latest beta. Q: Why cant I save? I get an error message every time! A: Remove the .sav file and set the save options to 128k Q: Can I use my save from a previous version? A: Yes you can, but it could lead to events not activating and numerous glitches. Q: Can I patch the new beta over the other beta? A: Same answer as previous question Q: Where can I find X Pokemon? A: Find it yourself, why take the fun out of it. No one except Zel knows all locations. Q: Can you send me the Rom? A: No! Its illegal. Q: How far does the latest Beta go? A: Beta 4 currently goes until fixing the Magnet Train and getting the Pass. You can only go to the Power Plant, Vermillion, Saffron and Cerulean City. Q: Which Legendaries are available? A: Currently only Ho-oh and Celebi are available. Zel hasnt found a way yet to activate all 3 of the dogs yet. And other legendaries will be added in the next beta. Q: Why cant I get an item from a tree? A: Because you have to wait 3-5 minutes after you got an berry/apricorn fro another tree, make a poke ball at Kurts or captured Lapras.

2. Walkthrough (beta 4) New Bark Town 1st visit You start in your bedroom as in every Pokemon game. Check your PC for a free potion. Head into Prof. Elms lab and choose a starter. (Dirk: I chose Cyndaquil) (Chris: I chose Totodile) Elm gives you an assignment to go to Mr Pokemons house to retrieve something. The lab assistant will give you another potion. When you try to leave town a new rival will challenge you to a fight. His name is Carlos (Zels real name) and he has an Lv5 Squirtle. Dont be alarmed, because it knows no water moves. Just the usual tackle and tail whip. Just follow the route (and maybe train your starter) to. Cherrygrove City Not much to do here. Talk to the old man to get a tour and you will get the Town Map. You can also heal yourself in the Pokemon Center or stock some potions (Poke Balls are not available yet). Leave north and follow the route to Mr Pokemons house. Talk to him and during the conversation, Prof Oak will give you a Pokedex. Mr Pokemon will also heal your Pokemon. Return to Cherrygrove and head back to New Bark Town. When you are about to exit the town, the normal rival will challenge you with a LV5 starter with the superior element. Beat the crap out of him and go back to New Bark Town. New Bark Town 2nd visit Head into Elms lab. After a conversation, show the egg to Elm. The lab assistant has again a present for you. 5 Poke Balls. After the entire conversation, you should visit your mom. She will give you an Amulet Coin (Double money if Pokemon in battle holds it) and the running shoes if you talk to her. Leave town and a NPC will ask you if you wanna know how to capture a Pokemon. Go to Cherrygrove. Cherrygrove to Violet Follow the northern route. Now you can follow the path that was blocked by battling trainers. Battle some trainers, or avoid a few of them and head into Violet City. Violet City You should probably heal your Pokemon and maybe restock items. If you captured a Bellsprout on the route between Cherrygrove and Violet, then you can trade the Bellsprout for an Onix (Onix evolves somewhere around Lv40 into Steelix). Head into Sprout Tower. The fights are easy with a bird or fire Pokemon. After getting the HM05 Flash from the head monk, leave the tower. Heal your Pokemon and go into the gym. You will be challenged by Carlos. His Squirtle is somewhat stronger and he has an Elekid, but you can easily overpower him (for now). Beat the other trainers and face Falkner the gym leader. He has a Pidgey and a Pidgeotto both below lv10. Dirks Team: Lv14 Quilava, Lv 10 Gastly Chriss Team: Lv15 Totodile, Lv8 Gastly, Level 14 Pidgey

You have earned your first badge. When you are outside, you will get a call from Prof Elm. Go to the Pokemon Center and get the (Togepi) egg. Either take it with you or dump it in the PC. Now take the southern exit towards Azelea Town. Violet to Azelea Follow the road and battle trainers on the way. You will eventually reach a Pokemon Center. A fisherman will give you an old rod (which only finds Magikarps) if you answer yes. Head into Union cave. In this floor of Union cave, there is a very rare chance that you will encounter a LV1 Mudkip! Its a good idea to capture one and maybe train it before going further into the cave. When you exit the cave, follow the path to Azelea Town. Azelea Town 1st visit The firs thing you should do is probably heal your Pokemon. When done with the healing and shopping you will notice that you cant enter the gym. Enter Kurts house (it has an apricorn tree next to it). Talk to him and he will leave. Exit his house and exit the town at the east and enter the Slowpoke Well. You will have to battle several Rockets here. When you have beaten them all, head towards Kurt and you will be transported back to his place. Now the gym is back available. When you enter it, you can have an optional battle with Carlos. You must have two Pokemon (with the egg NOT in slot 2) since this is a double battle. All trainers here use bug Pokemon. So use your fire and/or bird Pokemon. Eventually you will face the gym leader Bugsy. He has a Metapod, a Kakuna and a Scyther. Scyter is the most dangerous one with his Fury Cutter (which gets stronger after every hit). You should have no problem with a Quilava or with a Pidgeotto. Dirks Team: Lv20 Quilava, Lv18 Gastly, Lv18 Marshtomp, and Lv5Oddish Chriss Team: Lv20 Totodile, Lv 14 Gastly, Lv 16 Marshtomp, Lv 18 Pidgeotto Head towards the forest. Just before you enter, your Rival will challenge you. Beat him and be on your way. Azelea to Goldenrod Head into the forest. It is time for a mini game of sorts. You have to get Farfetchd back to his trainer. Just press the bottom from a certain side and he will be eventually back (will update the exact sequence when re-doing the game). Talk to the boss of the trainer to receive HM01 Cut. *note that when you go back to New Bark Town at any time with 5 or less Pokemon on your team, you can use cut to get behind your house and get a free LV10 Pikachu if you answer yes! Head through the forest and exit it. Shroomish is there, if you want to catch it, but its rare. Fight some trainers on the way and you will reach.. Goldenrod City 1st visit There are several things to do in Goldenrod City. Firstly in a building to the lower right, you can get a free bike. Secondly, in the underground there are some trainers to battle and a coin case for the Game Corner. The game corner has a LV1 Charmander, a Dratini and a Larvitar as prizes, but you will need a lot of coins. Thirdly, in the Radio Tower, you can do the quiz and get a Radio of some kind.

I advise you to catch a (Female) Drowzee below Goldenrod and trade it for a Machop at the Department Store, because he will be super effective against the 3rd gym and because he gets an exp boost because its a traded Pokemon. Go towards the gym. Oh no, Carlos again. Luckily his Pokemon are too tired because of Whitney the gym leader. Enter the gym and battle the trainers. If you took my advice and got the Machop, it will be a breeze. Otherwise, it will be hell, especially Whitneys Miltank. Dirks Team: Lv22 Quilava, Lv22 Gastly, Lv18Machop, Lv5Oddish, and Lv20 Marshtomp Chriss Team: Lv23 Croconaw, Lv 18 Gastly, Lv 20 Pidgeotto, Lv21 Marshtomp, Lv 20 Shroomish Shell cry a little bit and youll get the Plain Badge! After defeating the Gym, enter the house just above the gym to the right (the flower shop). Because you have beaten Whitney, the girl inside will give you the Squirtle Watterbottle. Exit town towards Ecruteak City. Goldenrod to Ecruteak Follow the road and battle some trainers on the way. Enter the National Park. When you get into the park itself, you will be greeted by another new rival, Ard. He uses bug Pokemon so fire or bird Pokemon for the kill. When you beat him, go to the northern most point in the park. You will notice that a piece of the fence is gone. If you follow the path to the left, you will find a TM containing Dig. Take the path to the right and you should be able to see a secret path. Enter it. Talk to the girl and challenge her. If you win, you will get a free Lv1 Treecko. She has a Chansey and a Delcatty so use Machop again. Exit the secret place and then exit the park at the eastern exit. Wake Sudowoodo with the Squirtle Waterbottle and capture/kill it. The guy to the right of Sudowoodos location gives you HM06 Rock Smash. If you have a Pokemon with cut, you can take the other way back to the south entrance of the National Park (since the eastern exit is blocked) and enter the Bug Catching contest (skipping this means you missed an opportunity). An lv15 Scyter or Pinsir almost guarantees the first prize, a Sun Stone. Backtrack to Sudowoodos previous location and head north to Ecruteak City 1st visit Go into the Pokemon Center. Bill will come down and talk to you and then he will leave (whenever you go back to Goldenrod, you can visit his house for an Lv 20 Eevee). Heal your Pokemon. There is a lot of stuff to do. Go into the house just above the Pokemon Center and battle the 5 Kimono girls and their Eevee evolutions. After beating them all, talk to the guy below to get HM05 Surf. Exit and go to the Burned Tower. Now we get a Rival Couple. They will use Volbeat and Illumise. So use fire/flying attacks. Enter the tower, and you will get into another Rival (Silver) battle. Head into the tower, fall into the hole and awaken the dogs/gerbils/cats. Exit the tower and enter the gym. The gym has an invisible route towards the leader. Stand right of the old man battle two steps right, four steps up battle three steps left, two steps up battle three steps right, one step up battle one step left, one step up. The Gym Leader has one Gastly, two Haunters and a Gengar. Gengar wont hesitate to use a Hypnosis + Dream Eater or Hypnosis + Shadow Ball combo. Ghost/Psychic/Dark does wonders.

Dirks Team: Lv25 Quilava, Lv22 Marshtomp, Lv27 Haunter, and Lv20 Pikachu Chriss Team: Lv 24 Crocanaw, Lv 23 Gastly, Lv 22 Breloom, Lv 25 Marshtomp, Lv 24 Pidgeotto Exit the gym and heal up. Take the western exit towards Olivine City. Ecruteak to Olivine Follow the path and battle some trainers. You will reach the MooMoo farm. The farm has a sick Miltank. Feed it seven Oran berries to cure it. When you cured it, you can buy MooMoo milk at the farm. Follow the route further into.

Olivine City 1st visit When you head towards the gym, the Rival (Silver) comes out, but he wont battle you. Head towards the lighthouse and fight the trainers till you are at the top. Talk to Jasmine and leave the lighthouse. Head to the caf and get HM04 Strength (Is a must). There is nothing to do here (except trading a Krabby for a Voltorb) until the Amphoros at the lighthouse is cured. We must cross the ocean and get to Cianwood City. Olivine to Cianwood Cross the ocean and battle/avoid the trainers and wild Pokemon. You cant enter the whirl island yet. Eventually you will reach Cianwood City First go to the southern most building. Talk to the guy inside to get the SecretPotion (to cure Amphoros at olivine lighthouse). One house above has a guy who will give you a Shuckle if you have a free slot (If you want to keep the Shuckle, dont talk to him again.) Head to the gym. A girl is blocking the entrance. Battle her. She will head inside. You learn that she is the Gym Leaders cousin. Head inside and battle the trainers. You must have a Pokemon with strength for the boulders. Now challenge the leader, Chuck. Dirks Team: Lv32 Haunter, Lv30 Quilava, Lv30 Pikachu, Lv31 Marshtomp, and Lv20 Machop Chriss Team: Lv29 Haunter, Lv 30 Feraligatr, Lv 28 Pidgeotto, Lv 33 Marshtomp, Lv. 28 Breloom Hooray, your 5th badge. Go outside and talk to the woman just outside the gym and get HM02 Fly. Now fly or swim back to Olivine City. Olivine City 2nd visit Head up the lighthouse and give the SecretPotion to Jasmine. Now get out of the lighthouse and go to the gym. Its Carlos, but he wont battle you this time. Now battle the hiker and then the gym leader, Jasmine. She has two Magnemites and a Steelix. Dirks Team: Lv35 Quilava, Lv34 Haunter, Lv30 Pikachu, and Lv33 Marshtomp Chriss Team: Lv 35 Marshtomp, Lv32 Haunter, Lv 33 Breloom, Lv 32 Feraligatr, Lv 31 Pidgeotto

Wow, six badges. Two more badges to go. Head back to Ecruteak, and this time take the eastern exit. (You can do the 2nd bug catching game now). Ecruteak to Mahogany You can use two routes. Either you can go trough the cave, or take the easy way and surf a little bit. Fight the three trainers and enter the town. Mahogany Town 1st visit Damn, the gym is blocked once again! Talk to Amelia in front of the building to receive some nice items. Now take the northern exit towards the Lake of Rage. Mahogany to Lake of Rage Oh no, another battle with Ard, the Bug Rival. He hasnt improved much. It will be an easy fight. Head north. If you go trough the building, you will have to pay the Rockets a fee. So take the grass path. Lake of Rage Oh no, its the Rival Couple. But they dont battle you. Swim towards the Red Gyrados and capture/kill it. You will receive a Red Scale, which can be traded with Mr Pokemon for an Exp Share. Talk to Lance and head back to Mahogany Town. Mahogany Town 2nd visit Go into the (shop) building in which Amelia was standing at. Lance will open the secret entrance to the Rocket Base. At every pillar you will face two Rocket members until you hit the switch near the scientist. Go down the other stairs. Lance will heal your Pokemon. Battle some more Rockets and head down another stairs. There is a woman rocket (behind a computer). Battle her and talk to her afterwards for the first password. Next go to the complete left and battle and talk to the Rocket after the scientist with the Ditto for the second password. Head up the other stairs and open the door to the Rocket Executive. You will get a new Rival Duo. Jess and Jamie. They use Ekans and Koffing (Similar to our favourite pair of bad guys) and yes it is a double battle. After that beat the Executive and talk to the bird for the new password. Head back to the door with the Electrodes behind them. Open the door with the new password and head in. Two executives will challenge you but Lance will fight one. After beating the female executive, you will have to capture or kill the electrodes. After that, leave the room and talk to Lance. You will get a Clamperl that knows Whirlpool. Leave the Rocket HQ, heal up at the Pokemon Center and enter the gym. Use the slippery floor until you reach the gym leader Pryce. He has a Seel, a Dewgong and a Piloiswine. Use electric attacks against Seel/Dewgong and fire against Piloiswine. Dirks Team: Lv37 Typhlosion, Lv35 Pikachu, Lv36 Swampert, and Lv40 Haunter Chriss Team: Lv34 Feraligatr, Lv 34 Pidgeotto, Lv 37 Swampert, and Lv 35 Haunter Yes, only one more badge to go before the Pokemon league! But whats this? We get a call from Elm. Team Rocket has taken over the Radio Tower!! Go back to Goldenrod City to kick some more Rocket ass.

Goldenrod City 2nd Visit Head inside the Radio Tower and battle your way to the top. You think that you just saved the Director, but it is a Rocket in disguise. After beating him, you will get the key to the underground door. Head towards the underground and open the door. Just when you were about to continue, the Rival (Silver) will challenge you again. Lay waste to him and defeat the Rockets near the switches. Push the switches in a certain order (will be posted when Im replaying the game) to open the path to another Rocket and a Bugler. Enter the door. Defeat another Rocket and then we have to fight our favourite Rocket Duo, Jess and Jamie. They havent improved much. I think they also have a Wobbuffet now. Continue along the path and defeat Rockets until you reach the real Director. You get the key for the door on 3F of the Radio Tower. Take the stairs and get all the presents (one is another Amulet Coin). Go back into the Radio Tower, open the door on 3F and beat your way to the top again. You have to fight two executives. I recommend using a fire type for the fist one and a water for the second executive. After winning, Team Rocket is disbanded (although we will encounter some later) and the Director will give you the Rainbow Wing. Now you can capture a Lv45 Ho-oh at the Tin Tower in Ecruteak City. Go back to Mahogany Town and take the eastern exit to the Ice Path. Mahogany to Blackthorn You will encounter a few trainers. Nothing you cant handle. Well, well. Look who is blocking the entrance. Its Carlos again. Battle him so you can enter the Ice Path. When inside, first go left and then up for HM07 Waterfall. You will need it to reach the league! Now follow the path, push the rocks down the holes and you will eventually reach the exit. Blackthorn City If want a HM move removed, you only have to go to the Move Deleter in one of the houses. You can also trade a Dragonair for a Rhydon (ARE YOU MAD!!!). Enter the gym (Bring a Pokemon with Strength and Rock Smash). Battle all the trainers and drop the stones in the right holes. Make you way to Clair. She has three Dragonairs and a Kingdra. Use an Ice attack for the Dragonairs and a Dragon Attack for Kingdra. (Or if you use save stats like me, luck abuse Hypnosis with a Haunter/Gengar and Dream Eater them all to death). Watch out for Dragonairs Shed Skin Ability! Dirks Team: Lv45 Gengar, Lv43 Typhlosion, Lv42 Swampert, and Lv40 Pikachu Chriss Team: Lv. 35 Haunter, Lv40 Feraligatr, Lv38 Swampert, Lv36 Breloom, Lv 37 Pidgeot Yes, the final badge Not. Clair refuses to give you the badge. Damn her. Go into the dragons den (you must bring Clamperl for the whirlpools) and retrieve the Dragons Tooth. Clair will come to you and give you the badge. There are three Dragon Masters in the Den. Depending in the order that you beat them, you will get a certain evolution stone. Dirk: I got a Thunder Stone (yes, now I have Raichu). Chris: I got a Fire Stone, saved it for later Leave the Den to receive a call from Prof Elm. He wants you to come back. Exit Blackthorn at the southern exit (dont forget to buy Ultra Balls for later!!!!)

Blackthorn to New Bark Just follow the road downwards, fighting trainers on the way. Eventually you will arrive at the first route. Follow it back to New Bark Town. New Bark Town 3rd visit Enter the lab and talk to Prof Elm. You will receive the Master Ball! Head to the water and swim to Kanto (very rare to encounter Squirtle in the water!). New Bark to Pokemon League You have now arrived in Kanto. Are you sure you are ready to face the elite trainers? You need a Pokemon to know Waterfall to climb Tohjo (anagram of Johto) Falls. But whats this! Amelia exits the cave to battle you again. Kick her sorry ass and enter the cave. There is a moon stone inside (If you have Eevee, you can get an Umbreon, or evolve your Clamperl). Climb the waterfall and exit the cave. Swim across and battle all the trainers on the way. Eventually you will encounter a house where you can rest your Pokemon. Just a little further is a girl who is being attacked by a Pikachu (I always knew Pikachu was evil). But no, its a trap! She (Ashlee) and her Pikachu steal your badges! Fight her Pikachu to retrieve you badges who are hidden on the ground. Battle the final two trainers and enter Victory Road. Go to the PC and get out Pokemon who know the HMs Surf, Strength, Rock Smash and the Clamperl with Whirlpool. Zel has redesigned the cave so you would need some HM slaves. That evil . person you. Walk your way trough the cave until you reach the exit from the right side. Push the boulders, and just when you are about to leave the cave, the Rival (Silver) shows up for a battle. Beat him (last time in this Beta) and enter the Pokemon league building. Pokemon League Heal all your Pokemon and store a lot of healing and reviving items. Theres also and old man with a Pidgeot, and he can Teleport you home if you need more training. But hey, if you followed this Walkthrough, you should have no problem! Its time to finally battle the E4+Champion! Dirk: I suggest that you have Pokemon of Lv40+ Chris: I didnt but you should listen to him! Dirks Team (at start of E4+Champion): Lv55 Gengar, Lv45 Typhlosion, LV45 (shiny) Ho-oh, Lv46 Swampert and Lv41 Raichu. Chriss Team (at start of E4+Champion): Lv 40 Breloom, Lv 43: Swampert, Lv 39 Haunter, Lv 42 Feraligatr, Lv 36 Shiny Gyrados Lv39 Pidgeot.yeah. First is Will with her Psychic Pokemon. A strong electric Pokemon can take care of her two Xatu and her Slowbro. I just used my Gengar to pawn her with my recently learned Shadow Ball. Next is Koga, former Gym Leader. He uses poison Pokemon. Most of his Pokemon are weak to fire, but use a Psychic or Electric Pokemon for his Crobat. Bruno, one of the original E4 members. Use Ghost/psychic/Flying Pokemon. Hes the easiest! Karen is a Dark Pokemon user. Use a fighting attack against her Umbreon and then use the types that her other Pokemon are weak against. Now its time for the champion, Lance. He will start of with a Gyrados. Use electric attacks. Use Ice (or luck manipulate Hypnosis + Night Shade or Shadow Ball) his Dragonites. Use water against Charizard and Aerodactyl.

Its finally over.. Not! Zel.. I mean Carlos has challenged us for the Champion Title. All his Pokemon are at Lv50. Mixed team to win. Beat him to finish the game (Well, the Johto part at least). New Bark Town 4th visit You start in front of your house. Move one step to get a call from Prof Elm. He has a gift for you. Head inside the lab, talk to him and get the S.S. Ticket. Now head to Olivine City to enter the boat. Olivine to Vermillion Go inside the boat. An old man will ask if you have seen his granddaughter. Two sailors come and say that they will find her. Battle trainers if you want, and head below deck. The sailor doesnt want to let you through. Find his friend above deck in one of the rooms. Battle him and go back below deck. The sailor will let you pass. Go to the Captains cabin and talk to the girl. The girl and you will be warped back to her grandfathers cabin. Leave the cabin. The two sailors (who wanted to find her first) wanted to kidnap her! They were really Jess and Jamie! Just then, the boat sinks. Go to the Captains room and check his desk. Some text about a key will appear. Now you can leave the ship. You are in a cave. It is an easy cave. Larvitar is in the cave as well, if you dont want one at the Game Corner. Just follow the route until you reach a room with Jess and Jamie. Battle them and defeat them. Move a bit up and take the GS-Ball. What is this!!! We are attacked by a wild Lv60 Aggron (WTF?) ! I told you to buy Ultra Balls in Blackthorn, didnt I? Capture him; he is good for later fights. Take the long stairs and exit the cave. We are now in Vermillion City! Vermillion City Wow, this time (unlike Gold) the building is finished! Sadly, Zel hasnt opened it yet >_< Go to the gym. Yes, you dont have to do the annoying switches! Beat Surge, he should be easy with Swampert. Dirks Team: Lv57 Gengar, Lv47 Typhlosion, LV46 (shiny) Ho-oh, Lv48 Swampert and Lv45 Raichu Chriss Team: Lv50 Swampert, Lv 61 Aggron, and Lv45 Gengar(yes, I finally got it!) Thats all I used. Sadly, unlike Gold, you dont get a TM He also has a message from Carlos. That he will get you later. (Damn, that no good loser). Head north to Saffron City Saffron City 1st visit Ah, two rocks are blocking the way to Lavender and Celeron. Thats because they arent available in this beta yet. Go into Sabrinas gym. Zel has been mean to us again! He changed the teleporters! Battle Sabrina when you eventually reach her. My Pokemon levels were basically the same. Just use a Gengar or Umbreon or any other Dark/Ghost Pokemon. She will go down easily.

Leave the gym and head north to Cerulean. Just when you want to enter Cerulean, you get a call from Prof Elm. You tell him about the GS-Ball and he tells you to visit him. Also the SS Aqua II is in Vermillion. New Bark Town 5th visit Take the boat back to Johto and enter Prof Elms lab in New Bark Town. Talk to him. He tells you to go to Kurt. Azelea Town 2nd visit Yes, you can fly to Azelea Town, but that wont trigger the event. You have to go to Union Cave to trigger it. When you arrive in Azelea, enter Kurts house and talk to him. He will take the GS-Ball for a while. Go through Ilex Forest and when you exit it, fly back to Azelea and get the GS-Ball back from Kurt. Enter Ilex again and put the GS-Ball in the shrine. Celebi will appear (after 153 resets I finally got a Shiny Celebi). Capture it and take the boat back to Kanto and go into Saffron again. Saffron City 2nd visit Go into Silph&Co, and talk to the guard. Exit Saffron through the southern exit. You will see Ashlee and her evil Pikachu again. Talk to her and battle her. She now also has a Snorlax! Aggrons Iron Tail can 1HKO it. After beating her, you will get the Prototype. Go back to Silph&Co. Now you can head upstairs. But whats this? Everyone is asleep. At the top level of the building, one guard is awake and will fight you with an Arcanine and a Houndoom (for Cyndaquil starter) or Mightyena (for Totodile starter).Water/Fighting Pokemon for the win! Go inside the room. Oh no, Its Jess & Jamie again. Finally their Ekans and Koffing evolved and they also have a Cacturne now. Deal with them and talk to the manager. He says that someone who knows a lot of ghosts in Johto knows how to fix the Ghost buster. Who in Johto knows a lot about Ghosts? Morty, the Ecruteak Gym Leader of course! Take the boat in Vermillion to Olivine and go to Ecruteak. Ecruteak 2nd visit (3rd if you got Ho-Oh) What? Hes not in the gym! Go to the burned tower and go to where you released the dogs. Morty is there. He will fix it, but only if you beat him in a battle. Well, he has done some serious training. His ghosts are around Lv40 now and he has a Misdreavus. Your own Dark/Psychic/Ghost should be strong enough to beat them all. After the battle he fixes the Ghost Buster and it is time for you to go to Cerulean. Cerulean City Well, look whos standing in front of the gym. Its Carlos and he wants to see blood. His Snorlax and Blissey are easily defeated by the Lv60 Aggron. Kick his ass (for the last time in this beta). Go to the east. Thanks to the ghost buster, we can identify the darn ghost blocking the path. Its an Lv42 Haunter (The Western dead end path to Mt Moon has a Gengar). Catch them, if you want, and make your way through all trainers. Absol can be caught on this route, so be ready. Then surf down to the power plant. Look who we have here. Its Amelia. But shes not here to fight. She says its the duty of the league Champion to recover the stolen machine part. >_> (Woopdy freaking doo) Fly back to Cerulean and enter the gym. A Rocket with a speech dysfunction says something about the machine part before leaving. Head north, of Cerulean on Nugget Bridge. Beat the easy Rocket and go back to the gym. The part is somewhere in the water! I will draw a picture

0 ======== =

Yes, its ugly. 0 is the place where misty always stands (the box). = is the wood you walk on. X is the machine part in the water. After recovering the part, bring it back to the power plant manager near the generators (you get TM Zap Canon). What? Rock Tunnel is also blocked? Yes, same reason as Celedon and Lavender. Fly back to Cerulean. Go over Nugget Bridge again and battle the trainers. You will eventually see Misty on a date, but her boyfriend flees after seeing you. Misty will now be back in the gym. The Rival couple is also there. Battle them if you want. They are as easy as ever. Whats this, a route behind Bills old house? Yes it leads to the new entrance to Mewtwos Lair. But its closed since it isnt completed yet. Go back to the gym and fight Misty. You should know by now of what defeats water. Its now time to do the final event in the game. The Magnet Pass. Saffron City 3rd Visit Go into the Copycats house and talk to her. She lost her Clefairy doll, poor her. She will give you the pass for the Magnet Train if you recover the doll. Fly to Vermillion, enter the Pokemon Fan club and talk to the chubby guy. Youll get the Clefairy Doll. Now return it to the Copycat girl in Saffron to get the Pass. This is the end of Beta 4.

3. Evolutions The trade evolutions have become normal evolutions in Shiny Gold. Below is a list with the evolutions that we know of. Haunter evolves into Gengar at level 42 Onix evolves into Steelix at level 40 Kadabra evolves into Alakazam at level 40 Machoke evolves into Machamp at level 45 Gravler evolves into Golem at level 42 Seadra evolves into Kingdra at level 50 Scyter evolves into Scizor with a Moon Stone Eevee evolves into Espeon with a Sun Stone Eevee evolves into Umbreon with a Moon Stone Porygon evolves into Porygon2 at level 40 Clamperl evolves into Huntail with a Moon Stone Clamperl evolves into Gorebyss with a Sun Stone Slowbro evolves into Slowking with a Water Stone