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Project Overview
The Anacostia Riverwalk Trail serves as a backbone of
the Anacostia Waterfront, connecting residents,
visitors and communities to the river, one another and
numerous commercial and recreational destinations.
Once complete, the trail will provide seamless, scenic
travel for pedestrians and bicyclists along the river to
the Fish Market, Nationals Park, Historic Anacostia,
RFK Stadium, the National Arboretum and 16
communities between the National Mall at the Tidal
Basin and Bladensburg Marina Park in Maryland. To
date, 15 of the ultimate 28 miles of the Riverwalk
Trail are open and heavily used.

Other segments to complete the Riverwalk Trail are to
be constructed as part of the Buzzard Point Trail
Project, South Capitol Street Trail Project, various
partner development projects along Maryland and
Virginia Avenues SE, or, in the case of the Arboretum
segment, by the National Park Service.


Along the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail, on both sides of

the Anacostia River just north of the John Philip Sousa
Bridge, are two fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP),
weathering steel bridges that allow bicyclists and
pedestrians to cross over CSX railroad tracks.
Construction on the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens
Segment of the Riverwalk Trail started in Spring 2014.
This portion extends from Benning Road NE to the
Bladensburg Trail in Maryland and is expected to be
completed in 2016.



Opened Maine Avenue

March 2012

Opened West FRP Bridge

April 2012

Completed Design of Kenilworth Gardens

July 2013

Opened East FRP Bridge

May 2013

Advertised Kenilworth Gardens for



Started Construction of Kenilworth


March 2014

Complete Construction of Kenilworth


Fall 2016

Key Project Elements

Installed shared-use paths and educational signage;
Enhanced trail viewsheds to bring users closer to the
waters edge; and
Minimize impacts of paving or other trail
infrastructure on the natural environment.

More Information
The Anacostia Riverwalk Trail is one of a series of
transportation, environmental, economic, community
and recreation projects included in the District of
Columbias larger Anacostia Waterfront Initiative, or

Updated: 9/8/2015

AWI Program. From the Tidal Basin to the citys

northeast border with Maryland, the 30-year, $10
billion AWI is transforming the shores of the Anacostia
River into a world-class waterfront.
For more information and to follow this projects
progress, please visit To join
the projects community contact list or ask questions,
please email or call 202-741-8528.