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html Verb + Prep account for accuse SO of ST adapt to add SO/ST to SO/ST add to adjust to admit ST to SO admit to agree on agree to agree with apologize to SO for ST appeal to SO for ST approve of argue with SO about SO/ST argue with SO over ST arrange for SO (to do something) arrest SO for ST arrive at (a place) ask for Example He accounted for such problems. He accused her of stealing the money. They adapted to the new culture. She added milk to the grocery list. Translation problems added to the confusion. They adjusted to their new environment. She admitted her real age to everybody. She admitted to cheating on the test. We agreed on the price. He agreed to the new conditions. I agree with you. I apologized to her for being rude. The nation appealed to the UN for assistance. The parents approved of the marriage. Timmy argued with his father about his curfew. The customer argued with the salesman over the store's return policy. They arranged for an interpreter to be present. The police arrested the man for stealing the car. They arrived at home. She asked for help.

Verb + Prep base on be absent from (a place) be accustomed to be acquainted with be addicted to ST be afraid of be angry at SO for ST be angry with SO for ST be annoyed at SO for ST be annoyed with SO for ST be anxious about ST be associated with be aware of be blessed with be bored by be bored with be capable of ST

Example The company bases salary on experience. He was absent from class. I am not accustomed to such behavior. He is acquainted with many celebrities. He is addicted to heroin. I am afraid of spiders. I am angry at him for what he said. I am angry with him for what he said. He is annoyed at her for spending so much money. He is annoyed with her for spending so much money. I am anxious about the presentation. He is associated with the company. You are not aware of all the problems. He is blessed with great musical talent. They were bored to death by his long speech. The interviewers were bored with the repetitive comments. He is capable of much more.

be cluttered with ST be committed to be composed of be concerned about be connected to be connected with be content with be convinced of ST be coordinated with ST be crowded in (a building or room) be crowded with (people) be dedicated to be devoted to be disappointed in be disappointed with be discouraged by be discouraged from (doing something) be discriminated against be divorced from SO be done with ST be dressed in be encouraged with be engaged in ST be engaged to SO be envious of be equipped with ST be excited about be exposed to be faced with be faithful to be familiar with be famous for be filled with be finished with be fond of be friendly to SO be friendly with SO be frightened by be frightened of be furnished with ST be grateful to SO for ST

The room is clutter with boxes. I am committed to improving my language skills. The meteorite is composed mostly of iron. I am concerned about his smoking. The DVD player is connected to the TV. They are connected with the project. He is content with the results. We are convinced of her innocence. Testing centers coordinated with the schools to set testing dates. It is crowded in the auditorium. The auditorium is crowded with people. She is dedicated to improving her grammar skills. He is devoted to his wife. She is disappointed in her son's improvement. She is disappointed with her son for not improving. He was discouraged by the high costs. They were discouraged from participating. He discriminates against people who are different. Mary is divorced from John. He is done with the work. She was dressed in red. The staff was encouraged with a profit-sharing program. He was engaged in that research for more than ten years. John was engaged to Mary for six months. I am envious of you for having the opportunity to travel. The expedition is equipped with the latest gear. I am excited about the opportunities. The workers were exposed to dangerous chemicals. He was faced with many difficult decisions. They are faithful to their company. I am familiar with that program. He is famous for climbing Mt. Everest. The boxes are filled with clothes and books. I am finished with my studies. She is fond of her nieces and nephews. He is friendly to new coworkers. He is friendly with new coworkers. She is frightened by the coyotes calling at night. The kids are frightened of ghosts. The house is furnished with designer furniture. I am grateful to you for your assistance.

be guilty of ST be happy about ST be innocent of ST be interested in be involved in ST be involved with be jealous of be known for ST be limited to be made from ST be made of (material) be married to be opposed to be patient with SO be pleased with be polite to SO be prepared for be protected from be proud of be related to be relevant to be remembered for ST be responsible for be satisfied with be scared of be terrified of be thankful for be tired from (doing something) be tired of (doing something) be worried about beg for begin with believe in belong to benefit from blame SO for ST blame ST on SO boast about borrow ST from SO

He is guilty of the crime. I am not happy about the results. He is innocent of the crimes. I am interested in astronomy. He is involved in the program. He is involved with many charities. John is jealous of Mary's close friendship with Tom. He is know for his humor. The speeches are limited to fifteen minutes each. The statue is made from old car parts. The statue is made of metal. She is married to a famous politician. I am opposed to increasing tuition prices. He is patient with his students. I am pleased with the results. She is polite to the visitors. He is prepared for such questions at the conference. The cave paintings are protected from vandalism. He is proud of his son. She is related to the famous artist. That is not relevant to this conversation. He is remembered for his bravery. She is responsible for the new policies. The teacher is satisfied with the test results. She is scared of snakes. She is terrified of roaches. We are thankful for their help. He is so tired from jogging. He is tired of answering the same questions over and over. I am worried about her. They begged for the answer to the riddle. Every sentence begins with a capital letter. He believes in ghosts. I don't belong to that organization. He benefits from the government assistance programs. He blamed his employees for his mistakes. He blamed the company's failure on his employees. She boasted about her new Mercedes. He borrowed money from me.

Verb + Prep care about care for catch up with cater to charge SO for ST charge SO with ST choose between SO/ST and SO/ST chose ST from ST collide with come from comment on communicate with SO compare SO/ST to SO/ST compare SO/ST with SO/ST compete with complain about compliment SO on ST concentrate on concern SO with ST confess to confuse SO/ST with SO/ST congratulate SO on ST consent to ST consist of contribute to ST convict SO of ST cope with correspond with SO count on cover with crash into cure SO of ST

Example He cares about what his children watch on TV. He doesn't care for fish. He caught up with her before she got into the elevator. The hotel doesn't cater to tour groups. The restaurant didn't charge me for breaking the glass. The police charged him with drunk driving. The winner got to choose between a vacation to Tahiti and a new car. The magician chose a lady from the audience to help him with the trick. The car collided with a truck. He comes from Florida. She wouldn't comment on the accusations. Many people use email to communicate with friends and family abroad. The analyst compared the company's current profits to last year's. He shouldn't compare his younger son with his older son. He loves to compete with others. They complained about the quality of the hotel. He complimented her on her new dress. He needs to concentrate on his work. You shouldn't concern her with our problems. He confessed to the crimes. She confused him with Tom Cruise. She congratulated him on his victory. The parents consented to the request. The test consists of 100 multiple choice questions. I contributed to the World Wildlife Fund. They convicted him of murder. Can he cope with the large amount of work? I correspond with them by email. He counts on their support. She covered her sleeping son with the blanket. He crashed into the tree. The doctors cured her of the disease.

Verb + Prep Example He has to deal with many problems. deal with He decided against taking the job in New York. decide against I couldn't decide between the chicken dinner and the sushi. decide between SO/ST and SO/ST He decides on taking the job in Los Angeles. decide on He dedicated the song to his girlfriend. dedicate ST to SO He demanded help from his coworkers. demand ST from SO The cost of the carpet depends on the quality of the weaving. depend on He derives a great deal of pleasure from his work. derive ST from ST Nothing could deter her from becoming a policewoman. deter SO from ST He devoted the song to his wife. devote ST to SO Your results differ little from mine. differ from He disagrees with me. disagree with Her parents disapprove of her job choice. disapprove of He discouraged his son from quitting school. discourage SO from ST I discussed the situation with them. discuss ST with SO The expert couldn't distinguish between the real painting and the distinguish between SO/ST and forgery. SO/ST The expert couldn't distinguish the real painting from the forgery. distinguish SO/ST from SO/ST The loud music distracted her from her work. distract SO from ST I dream about traveling around the world. dream about I dream of a day when poverty no longer exists. dream of She dresses her twins in the same clothes. dress SO in ST They drank to his new job. drink to Verb + Prep Example He elaborated on his earlier comments. elaborate on ST The dragon emerged from its lair. emerge from ST They escaped from jail. escape from (a place) exchange SO/ST for SO/ST They exchanged dollars for yen. He excluded them from the meeting. exclude SO from ST She excused them for being late. excuse SO for ST The leader was expelled from the country. expel SO from (a place) They experimented on various ways of preventing the disease. experiment on The teacher explained the project to the students. explain ST to SO

Verb + Prep feel about feel like fight about fight against fight for fight with forget about forgive SO for ST

Example He felt bad about what he said. I feel like seeing a movie. They fought about who had to do the dishes. Martin Luther King fought against racism and oppression. He fought for improved working conditions. He fought with his parents throughout his teen years. She forgot about the meeting. She forgave him for the terrible things he said.

Verb + Prep Example I wouldn't gamble on that happening. gamble on They just gawked at me as though they didn't understand a thing. gawk at She gazed at the sight in wonder. gaze at get back from (a place) He got back from work at 6 o'clock. John got married to Mary. get married to SO He got rid of his old clothes. get rid of I'm never going to get through with this work. get through with He got tired of the complaining. get tired of He needs to get used to the new working conditions. get used to He gave the book to me. give ST to SO She glared at him in disbelief. glare at He gloated at their failure. gloat at The nation is grieving for those who died in the accident. grieve for She always gripes at her husband. gripe at SO The old man always grumbles at his wife about their children never grumble at SO about visiting. ST Verb + Prep Example What happened to him? happen to She is constantly harping on her husband's bad eating habits. harp on I have never heard about that policy before. hear about Have you heard from your son recently? hear from SO Have you ever heard of the Anasazi people? hear of He helped me with my homework. help SO with ST He hid his bad report card from his parents. hide ST from SO Rebels are hindering aid workers from accessing the area. hinder SO/ST from ST Success hinges on his participation in the project. hinge on The company hopes for better sales in the coming quarter. hope for Verb + Prep Example He insists on driving even though he is having vision problems. insist on The investment does not insure against loss of income. insure against The couple's parents should not interfere in their relationship. interfere in ST Don't interfere with the natural balance of nature. interfere with ST introduce SO/ST to SO/ST I introduced him to his girlfriend. We invested in that company. invest in I invited her to the party. invite SO to We involved them in the decision making. involve SO/ST in ST

Verb + Prep Example He was jabbering about problems at work. jabber about We love to sit around and joke about old times. joke about He was joking with me about the mistake I made. joke with SO about SO/ST She jotted down notes as he spoke. jot down ST Verb + Prep Example She kept on talking keep on (doing something) I kept her from making the same mistake. keep SO/ST from (doing something) He wants to keep the toy for his daughter. keep ST for SO He knows a lot about that subject. know about Verb + Prep Example She laughed about what the children had done. laugh about We always laugh at his jokes. laugh at I need to learn more about that topic. learn about I lent my dictionary to her. lend ST to SO The mechanic said I should listen for any squeaking sounds. listen for He loves to listen to his MP3 player on the subway. listen to I long for a week on the beach in Hawaii. long for Look at this old picture of my grandmother. look at I look forward to meeting her parents. look forward to Verb + Prep Example We will meet with the organizers next week. meet with SO I mistook him for his twin brother. mistake SO/ST for SO/ST

Verb + Prep nod at nod to Verb + Prep object to operate on

Example He nodded at the others. He nodded to them. Example Do you object to my smoking? The surgeon operated on the conjoined twins.

Verb + Prep participate in ST pay for persist in plan on praise SO for ST pray for prefer SO/ST to SO/ST prepare for present SO with ST prevent SO/ST from (doing something) prohibit SO from (doing something) provide for provide SO with ST provide SO/ST for SO punish SO for ST

Example We participated in the survey. He paid for our meal last night. The disease persists in rural farms throughout the region. We plan on attending the wedding. He praises his son for his good grades. The villagers prayed for rain. We prefer salmon to other kinds of fish. We are preparing for a long winter. He will present her with the award for best journalist. The campaign is designed to prevent young people from drinking. The school prohibits students from smoking. It is difficult for them to provide for their families. The school provides students with textbooks. The company will provide food and drinks for all. He was punished for his crimes.

Verb + Prep quarrel with SO about ST quarrel with SO over ST

Example They quarreled with the waiter about the mistakes on the bill. He quarreled with her over her political beliefs.

Verb + Prep react to recover from ST refer to ST relate to rely on remind SO of SO/ST reply to rescue SO from SO/ST resign from ST respond to result in ST retire from ST

Example He reacted to the news negatively. He is recovering from his illness. He was referring to the chart on page 24. She is not related to their family. We rely on the latest information to make such decisions. He reminds me of my grandfather. We replied immediately to the letter. He rescued the puppy from the icy lake. He resigned from the company. We responded to the request for help. His outbursts result in his being fired. He retired from the company after 40 years of faithful service.

Verb + Prep save SO from ST search for sentence SO to ST separate SO/ST from SO/ST share ST with SO shout at show ST to SO smile at SO speak to SO about SO/ST specialize in ST spend (money/time) on stand for stare at stem from stop SO from (doing something) subject SO to ST subscribe to substitute SO/ST for SO/ST subtract ST from ST succeed at ST succeed in (doing something) suffer from suspect SO of ST

Example They are working to save mountain gorillas from extinction. They are searching for signs of life on Mars. The court sentenced him to 20 years in jail. He separated Billy from the others children. She shared her secret with the others. The old man shouted at the kids He showed the pictures to his friends. I smiled at the newcomers. The director spoke to the employees about the changes. He specializes in technical translation. They spent too much money on their new car.
NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Why are they staring at me? The corruption charges stem from allegations of bribery. The environmental group stopped them from building the new hotel. They subject the students to unrealistic standards. He subscribed to that magazine. You can substitute beef for pork if you don't eat pork. He subtracted the expenses from the profits. He will succeed at anything he does. He succeeded in finishing the marathon. She suffers from a rare genetic disorder. The police suspect them of smuggling drugs over the border.

Verb + Prep use ST for ST

Example They use wood for fuel.

Verb + Prep vote against vote for

Example She voted against the new proposal. He voted for the most popular candidate.

Verb + Prep


He took advantage of his connections at the company. take advantage of He takes care of his pets. take care of They talked about the recent problems. talk about I need to talk to you for a few minutes. talk to He told them about what happened. tell SO about ST We thanked them for their hospitality. thank SO for ST He thought about what she had said. think about They need to think of ways to reduce costs. think of Let's toast to a long marriage. toast to translate ST into (a language) He translated the instructions into Japanese. He trusted the new employee with the combination to the safe. trust SO with ST They turned to page 123. turn to He took advantage of his connections at the company. take advantage of He takes care of his pets. take care of They talked about the recent problems. talk about I need to talk to you for a few minutes. talk to He told them about what happened. tell SO about ST We thanked them for their hospitality. thank SO for ST He thought about what she had said. think about They need to think of ways to reduce costs. think of Let's toast to a long marriage. toast to translate ST into (a language) He translated the instructions into Japanese. He trusted the new employee with the combination to the safe. trust SO with ST They turned to page 123. turn to Verb + Prep Example I waited for them at the restaurant. wait for They warned me about pickpockets in the train station. warn about They wasted money on another new car. waste (money/time) on The child wished for a new bicycle before he blew out the candles on wish for his cake. I have worked for them for 20 years. work for They worked on the proposal for two weeks. work on She worries about her children. worry about He wrote a book about his life. write about You need to write to your parents more often. write to SO

Verb + Prep yap about yearn for

Example He always yaps about the good old days. He yearns for more adventure in his life.