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“Specialist declaration of Psychiatrist Alex Kørner on Stig Dragholm, June 2012”

This document includes the ”specialist declaration”, which the specialist doctor in psychiatry Alex Kørner from Psychiatric Centre North Zealand in Hillerød prepared on me after our meeting the 15 th June 2012.

When reading it, I recommend that you also read my memo of the 15 th June and my minutes of our meeting the 15 th June explaining the truth of my story and the content of our meeting

In my script of the 20 th June 2012 I have written the chapter “The psychiatrist understood that I am normal but still he misunderstood “spiritual communication” as “schizophrenia!” about the content of the “specialist declaration”, which I also recommend you to read, and this chapter includes the following summary:

“I received the “specialist declaration” from the psychiatrist Alex, and it concluded WRONGLY that I am not functioning well socially with people, he believed as everyone else in the beginning that I am negative because of my writings, where I am indeed positive speaking the truth about people (!), when I speak much doing my best to explain about my spiritual experiences, this is also made into a “sickness” (!), he tried to make it look like I don’t answer his questions with the truth being that he had lost his patience at the end of the meeting no longer listening to me (!), his declaration said about me that “the formal contact is fine”, “fine eye contact” and then he says that “his mindset is extensively without ability to feel” (!!!), which is the WRONG conclusion (“guess”) from the coldest and most reserved man without feelings as I have ever met herewith showing the opposite world with him being crazy and I normal! It continued about me that “he is whole, and there are no forms of new formation of words”, he shows no signs of “sadness, being tense, irritable” or angry”, in terms of mood he appears neutral”, so all in all he really wrote that “Stig is perfectly normal” (!), but still he decided NOT to believe in my spiritual experiences (he had no faith, you know), and he therefore concluded that these are “extensive and systemised delusions of megalomania” and “according to my view, there is no doubt of the diagnosis:

Paranoid schizophrenia” (!) but despite of his “diagnosis” he will not recommend “treatment” with medicine because “I believe that treatment with psychoactive drugs will only change little on his symptoms and not at all the insight of sickness” which was because he knows that HEAVY medicine given to me in 2008 did not “improve” my condition, and he will also not commit me to hospital against my will because there is nothing “acute” in my situation and I also do not look “maniac” to him! Most of Alex’ description of me and my experiences was “very accurate” and it was mainly his conclusion, which was wrong, or in other words; he understood me (with his heart) but still he decided to misunderstand me (with his mind), and that is because if you want to misunderstand, this is how to do it – he “could not” believe in me, because “it goes without saying that Stig simply cannot be Jesus” (!), which made him lose focus that everyone sees me as perfectly normal until they see my website suddenly changing their view on me now believing that I am crazy, and Alex was no better than the rest when doing poor work not doing what it takes to understand, which still is to READ carefully without listening to your “compulsory thoughts”.