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A Day with JR Black

Prisoner of Vocabulary (Speaking from the heart) Volume 1

Twentieth June 2012.

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of the Publisher.

This book is a collection of scribbles from my old notebook, the scribbles are actually just things I jot down whenever I witness a situation, and I try to summarize it in a sentence so that the message does not escape me. Here is a short story that gives an insight into what kind of a writer I contend to be. I want to inspire an idea. Plant a seed and watch it grow. Watch for volume two, which is a collection of about 60 poems that cover any range of human emotion. Enjoy and any feedback will be highly appreciated.

The ball that lost its bounce

He was balling until the ball lost its bounce. He went to friendship My ball has lost its bounce, could you help me fix it. No, you are on your own there; I have my own ball to worry about. replied friendship times are tough for everyone; I hope you get it fixed though. Off he went to the family My ball has lost its bounce, could you help me fix it. We have a lot of sympathy for your case, we have many balls but these are meant for us only. Heartbroken, sad and dejected. He sought an audience with the big King whose chair is made of stars. I couldnt fix my ball, I do not know how to, I tried though, I have lived through the sun, teach me about winter. He was then taken to a room with all kinds of balls; red balls, black balls, white balls, spotted and stripped, where he chose a ball that was a mirror image of his original ball. He then asked the big King, There is one thing still puzzling me.

Go on, son I still do not know how to fix my ball; I want to know how to fix my ball so that if it loses its bounce, I can fix it.

Most memorable scribbles

Taban Lo Liyong says East Africa is a literary desert, let us reign on his parade I dont have opinions; I just say what is on my mind. I just never say it is the absolute truth Dont shit with the banker; there is no shelter when the banker banks out. Kenya is my country, I can only love you, not hate you. They wear designer and like a modern day slave house, they shout to the high skies, saying yes, yes, yes to bigotry. (FIFA) It is time to found the true calling of an artist, paint the picture clear, see the writing on the wall, sing a song that liberates and remove the wax that makes you short among your peers with messages that heal not with messages that kill Evolution is real and so is God. Show me your glory and show me to the world. My epitaph shall say he had a firm belief in God. Never play dead, you might lose the match. Gender equality was created to cushion lazy men.

Dreams have gestation periods of the animal kingdom; each one with its own time. If I dont get my rib back, am rapping till I die. No gun silencer can shut out my scream. Pain is the closest to revealing a mans soul. While they disappoint me, I complain with my pen to my friend Mr. Mic. Desire is a first class ticket to unhappiness. If everyone leaves me for perfection, perfection here I come. I want to understand music, if music is a curse; I want to be cursed to my cells. If music is a drug, a junkie you will get. My forgiving cup is empty, woe unto the impudent fool who crosses my path. Wife to be, I will cherish you like my childhood memories, happy, pure, innocent. Its tough to be hungry, when their pockets are so fat. Will I succeed, my mind is as blank? You are truly blessed when you do more for less. I was faithful in the tough times, my season has arrived. You are as happy as you say you are. Coffee and cigarettes, a writers poison Hiding in solid rock aint a tonne of fun.

They keep calling me Johnny; I am coming with a plank. Of all the animals of the world, none has shown the magnanimity of the humped king of the desert. The giant foot of poverty is stamping all over my dreams. Treat the little ones well; its them who celebrate you when you are no more. Never confuse good sex with good marriage. Do not be the guy that reminds her why she hates love. True love changes a man, if he hasnt, there you have it. A good woman rarely cheats, she is the horse, and the cart goes wherever the horse pulls it. Remember the mind can only give the heart what it wants if you nourish it. Please read and read some more. Nobody dies in vain, only if the good hearted refuse to stand up. Modern warfare is young men killing young men while the old cheer, jeer or watch helplessly. If I were a plant, I would wish to die evergreen. If you want to delve into activism be sure to empty your skeletons. Hope is postponing the pain of hardship. The most skillful chess player, the sleekest of them all, plays only a few moves ahead.

They take forty million Kenyans break them into figures and tribes and ask with great bewilderment, why cant we shun tribalism. With the county governments coming as fast as a grandma finishing a marathon, will the cowards of the county, please stand up and remove some viruses from our political environment. It is not about hand gestures and flashing signs, decide where does your vote lie, the future of your children or the future of the children of your chief oppressor. Take a stone, a basket, and a chair. Choose one, whichever you choose, if you choose a stone you are a hunter, a basket you are a gatherer and if you chose the chair, you are just lazy like me. The prefix for, is a bearer of good tidings, forewarn, forestall, forever, forfeit, forsake, forbade, foregone. The most important of them all is to forgive. Use it more often I am not much of a developer, I am an ideaveloper. Prison breaks a mans spirit; mental slavery kills a whole generation. If you are having a lot of problems with finding a girl, you must be having a lot of spam. A lot of spam is not good for the memory of a young mind. A certain bird sees not the beauty of a butterfly, they see survival. I am measured at my lowest and then judged at the table of the highest. Materialism and competition kill friendship. I understand I was born an outlier, a rebel with a cause. Its better to die free than the slave of greed.

I am a rebel with a cause and the rebellion continues not with guns and boots but with puns and books. I used to wear my heart on a sleeve, now I just wear a t-shirt. Whenever I am not invited, I know that the blood in their steak is thicker than the one in my veins. These couple of months, I have been blessed from one frying pan to another, if I was an omelet, I am certainly overcooked. I always adjust my character to see what changes might spring. Everybody has their moment of madness, my time is now. She shames me; she doesnt know she shames me. Flattery is the wine of the soul. Never try to put me on a pedestal, Gods work. Put into action seldom, knowledge is converted to entertainment. Nothing kills a young mans spirit quicker than abject poverty. A revolution is sweetest when the revolutionary is smarter than the smartest guy in the government, the government spokesman.


Copyright@ 2012 J.R.Black. All rights reserved.