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Computer service Ltd. is a software And IT Base company. They have lots of clients.

So, for this reason they need to maintain a formal transaction system. For their transition they use a software name as Sifat Accounting. This system helps to preserve the transaction with their clients. This software helps them to find that which clients have given their money, which clients they have their outstanding balance. Though this system we can see the transaction history of so many years. So, this system is definitely a formal system. Now we will discuss how we can generate Executive Information System (EIS), Transaction processing System (TPS) and Decision support systems (DSS) from that system.

How can we generate Executive Information System (EIS):

This system needs to make user friendly. Though the CSL Sifat Accounting software is not so much user friendly. This system is computer based. This system is not designed that can meet the information needs of top managers. It should design in a way that can meet the needs and information of top manager.

If a problem occurs this system does not generate so much alternative. This system needs to generate some alternatives for this given problem. CSL star accounting doesnt have the drill down capability. It should make its drill-down capability. This will have the ability to provide at any level of detail by decisions maker.

Its an intelligent support system designed to provide middle and top manager but CSL system provide its only in top manager. They should design it for both to provide middle and top managers.

EIS use internal and external data to solve problems. Managers of CSL at rely more on internal data. N\But in this level they should rely more on external data.

By following those information systems within an organization we can generate Executive information system..

How can we generate transaction Processing System (TPS):

Transaction-processing systems are designed to handle a large volume of routine, recurring transactions; it has been used by CSL Manager.

Transaction-processing systems are used widely today in CSL. CSL use them to record Purchase and payments into accounts and also record sales and track inventory.

Managers often use these systems to deal with such tasks as payroll, customer billing and payments to suppliers.

Decision Support Systems (DSS)

A DSS is an interactive computer system that can be used by managers without help from computer specialists. A DSS provides managers with the necessary information to make informed decisions. A DSS has three fundamental components: database management system (DBMS), which stores large amounts of data relevant to problems the DSS has been designed to tackle; model-based management system (MBMS), which transforms data from the DBMS into information that is useful in decision-making; and dialog generation and management system (DGMS), which provides a user-friendly interface between the system and the managers who do not have extensive computer trainin.