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University of Gujrat

(GT.Road Campus)

Faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences

Course Title: Internship (Report based on Internship) Course Code: MGT -403

Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd




ROLL NO: 10032454-011

Associate degree (commerce & accountancy)


SESSION 2012 present

The report is being made for the fulfillment of course the course No: 600 Business Internship Report of B.Com(Final).

The Business Internship is prepared on MCBs performance in competitive banking sector & its products & services at MCB CIRCULAR ROAD Branch0200 GUJRAT.

I would like to thank the following people at MCB CIRCULAR ROAD Branch who provided me help to learn as much as possible during a short span of time.

Mr. MUHAMMAD ADNAN (Branch Manager)

Mr. AHMED Ali SHAH (Operation Manager)

The Business Internship Report is prepared under the supervision of MUHAMMAD ADNAN BRANCH MANAGER 0200 GUJRAT, UNIVERSITY OF GUJRAT GT ROAD CAMPUS GUJRAT.

I would like to extend my gratitudes to my teacher for his advice, encouragement and valuable suggestions which made it possible for me to complete my Internship Report.

I | business internship report

The purpose of research work is to analyze the organization and the performance of MCB Ltd. since 2012-present. This Business Internship Report is prepared on MCBs performance in competitive banking sector & its products & services. The Business Internship Report contains Executive Summary, Introduction, History of MCB Ltd, Product & Services of MCB.

During the Internship, I worked in various operations as General banking including cash operation, Clearing remittances, ATM, account opening procedure and advances. The bank will have to work hard and to meet the challenges of competition and to satisfy the customer to accelerate the business.

In this report primary and secondary data is used. In primary data the information is collected by getting briefings from Branch Manager and from the Operation Manager and in secondary data published literature of MCB and the electronic data on MCBs website.

II | business internship report



Acknowledgement I

Abstract II

Table of Contents III

Executive Summary 01


Introduction 03

Main Departments and Their Jobs 04

Remittance 04

Pay Order 04

Demand Draft 04

Mail Transfer 05

Telegraph Transfer 05

Payment of Pay Order and Demand Draft 05

Cancellation of Pay Order and Demand Draft 05

Vouchers 05

Inward Clearing 06

Outward Clearing 06

Token 06

Issuance of Cheque Books 06

Issuance of ATM Cards 07

Cancellation of ATM Cards 07

Sale of RTC 07

Short Notice Term Deposits 08

Amount, Rate, Number of Days / 365 Days 08

Call Deposits 08

LCS Establishment 08

Payment or Retirement 08

III | business internship report

Foreign Currency Deposits 08

Foreign Remittances 09

Basic Banking Account 09

Saving Account 10

MCB Rupee Maximizer Account 10

Current Account 10

Khushali Bachat Account 10

MCB Enhanced Saving Account 10

MCBs Partners in Bill Payment 11

Investment Banking 11

About Remit Express 11

Features 12

Personal Loan 12

Products and Services 12

-line 12

-Hour Cash 14

MCB Easy Bill Pay 14

Six Years Progress 16

Balance Sheet 18

Profit and Loss Account 19

Cash Flow Statement 20

Statement of Changes in Equity 22

Conclusion 24

Recommendations 25

Bibliography 26

Copy Right 27

IV | business internship report


MCB (Formerly Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd.) is the largest private sector bank in Pakistan. The Adamjee group incorporated in 1948. It proposed during the 1950s and 60s. In 1975 it was nationalized with all other private sector bank. Then 1991 it was privatized. Since the bank has been headway in improving of technology. In the year 2006 bank name was changed to MCB Limited. The bank is now included as one of the top most bank of the nation.

MCB has been awarded as a Euromoney Award 2008 for the "Best Bank in Asia" The Chairman of MCB is Mian Mohammad Mansha and the President / CEO is Mr. Atif Aslam Bajwa. MCB is one of the leading banks of Pakistan with a deposit base of about

Rs. 280 billion and total assets of around Rs.300 billion. Incorporated in 1947, MCB soon earned the reputation of a solid and conservative financial institution managed by expatriate executives. In 1974, MCB was nationalized along with all other private sector banks. The Bank has a customer base of approximately 4 million and a nationwide distribution network of 1,026 branches, including 8 Islamic banking branches, and over 300 ATMs, in a market with a population of 60 million. During the last fifteen years, the Bank has concentrated on growth through improving service quality, investment in technology and people, utilizing its extensive branch network, developing a large and stable deposit base.

I have learnt a lot in Pakistani Chowk Branch about Opening of Accounts, Clearing and Transferring of Cheques, Issuing the Cheques Books, Demand Drafts other Documents etc. The exposure has given me a lot of knowledge especially about consumer banking operations in branch. Bank was previously working on MIBs software. In the year 2004 bank introduced new latest software SYMBOL. Now most of the branches located in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad regions are working on SYMBOL software. MCB is the leading entity of the country that has always been at the forefront of economical, technological, financial growth and stability.

01 | business internship report


To become the preferred provider of quality financial services in the country with profitability and responsibility and to be the best place to work

To be the leading financial services provider, partnering with our customers for a more prosperous and secure future.

We are a team of committed professionals, providing innovative and efficient financial solutions to create and nurture long-term relationships with our customers. In doing so, we ensure that our shareholders can invest with confidence in us.

02 | business internship report

Banking industry is one of the fasting growing industries of the last decade. We have seen many ups and downs in the banking industry. This is the requirement of Shah Abdul Latif University to do Eight Weeks Internship in any organization to gain practical exposure of the theoretical aspects studied in the semesters.

MCB is one of the leading banks of Pakistan with a market share of 12.5%. It is also the pioneer in innovative consumer banking in Pakistan. It is the largest private sector bank in Pakistan. It is the most preferred provider of quality financial services and is usually considered the best place to work. It has developed a large stable deposit base. The bank today boasts of largest online branch and ATM network in the country.


MCB is the only bank in Pakistan that has achieved 7 Euro Money Awards and 5 Asia Money Awards for being The Best Domestic Commercial Bank in Pakistan, along with several other Awards including the Best Trade Finance of Pakistan for two consecutive years. These accolades are the proof of our consistent effort in providing the customers with utmost care and quality.


Muslim Commercial Bank Limited. (MCB), the largest private sector bank in Pakistan. Incorporated in 1948 by the Adamjee group, MCB soon earned a reputation of solid and conservative financial institution. During the 1960s the bank grew rapidly with a

concentration on trade finance products. In 1947, MCB was nationalizes along all other private sector banks. MCB was the first bank to be privatized in 1991 during the Nawaz Sharifs government financial sector deregulation policies. During the first five years, the private management concentrated on growth utilizing its extensive network of branches and developed a large and stable deposit base. Since privatization, the bank has made tremendous headway in improving the operational efficiency through human resource development and employment of technology. The bank today boasts the target online brand and ATM network in the country.

MCBs main focus remains on consumer banking and its growing reputation as a full service provider gives the bank an edge in front of increased competition in the banking sector in Pakistan. With a network of over 1200 branches and a team of dedicated professionals, MCB with an international outlook and a regional focus ensures prompt customer service and innovative solutions to business and personal needs.

03 | business internship report

The consumer banking provides customers with innovative saving schemes, products and services. The ATM network is the largest in Pakistan and the Pak Rupee Travelers Cheques are market leaders. MCB was the first to introduce the photo card with the introduction of MCB Master Card. Corporate banking ensures assistance from a dedicated team of professional financial advisors for underwriting, project finance or corporate advisory services.


There are three main departments in any branch of MCB



General banking deals with following services:

It is transfer of funds. Funds can be transferred in shape of pay orders, demand draft, mail telegram and telegraph transfer. Payments of fees of different organizations, fulfillment of tenders, and collection of funds are the main functions of remittance. Maximum part of general banking depends on this department.

Issuance of different kinds of remittance:

Pay order is the property of person/company that has to take the benefit of the amount being pay ordered by the concerned person. Pay orders are made for the payment of fees, tender or issued for the payments of dealings. These are required for the proof of payments made between the bank and the customer in the favor of beneficiary. These are noted in printed block letters and yearly serial numbers are issued from computerized system.

Demand drafts are made for the beneficiary for payments, funds etc, these are made for outstation branches of the concerned banks. An advice is also made for the confirmation of the draft send. These are also approved and safe way of sending amount to the beneficiary.

These are also noted by computerized system and a serial number is issued from the computer system.

04 | business internship report

Mail Transfer is made with in the city for transfer of amount. An advice is also made for the confirmation of the draft send. These are also approved and safe way of sending amount to the beneficiary. These are also noted by computerized system and a serial number is issued from the computer system.

Telegraph Transfer is telegram message for transferring the amount from one branch to other branch. A message advice and a confirmation advice both are made with TT numbers that are issued for TEST. TEST depends on two steps:

1. First TEST is on Day, Date and Code Number of branch.

2. Second TEST is on Currency, whether Pak rupees or foreign currency, amount and TT number issued from manual registers and confirmed from computerized system.


Pay-Order and Demand Draft both could be paid in shape of physical payment of cash and in case transfer of amounts; the amount could be transferred in the beneficiary account. In case of physical payment authorized signature of beneficiary are taken for the proof of amount being paid to him and in case of transferring of amount authorized signature of the beneficiary are checked and verified for reducing risks.


Any type of Pay-Order / Demand Draft is cancelled by the permission and instructions made by the beneficiary. The customer could only cancel the pay-order/demand draft as the verified signatures of beneficiary are present on the advice.

Vouchers are made for records and they should be completed in all respects, the amount, date, its head, particulars, amount in words, authorized signatures and contra advice or voucher should be present. Vouchers are advice either debit or credit slips. They are contra of each other. If any voucher of debit is passed its contra credit voucher should also be passed for the balancing of accounts, their respective sheets.

05 | business internship report

It depends on those checks that are cleared inter branch and with in the city. As the concerned branch receive any type of clearing check first of all physical checking is taken place. For clearing procedure there should be two days margin. These cheques have their vouchers and the amount of the cheque and voucher should be identical. Than these cheques are stamped and noted on receiving sheet as well as feed in to the computerized system.

It depends on those cheques that are cleared out side the city. For outward clearing cheques are send because the home branch has there accounts but checks are of other banks. Contras of these cheques are vouchers that are recordrd in the home branch.

Token is the process of different steps of checking of the cheque:


First of all the cheque is physically checked.

2. Date

It should not be advanced of the latest date, date should be limited to only past

six months.


Amount in which words and figures should be written in clear writing. Any kind of over writing and cutting should be prevented. Otherwise it would not be passed and returned to the customer.


If the cheques are payees accounts head or they have marked bearer then these cheques are not labeled token.


Signatures are checked as well as verified. In case of other representative of the account holder brings the cheque then two signatures of that person are taken.


After physical checking of the cheques they are stamped.

Any account holder that has opened the account he/she could credit his/her account and for this purpose there should be a cheque book, so he/she could be able to credit the needed amount whatever he/she wishes. For the issuance of the cheque book a person is advised to fill a requisite slip with his/her full names and the account number with two verified signatures. These signatures are checked and then another requisite slip prepared by the bank staff send to the NIFT, and it issues the printed cheque books after completion of the procedure in two or three days.

06 | business internship report

Account holder can take it by singing on the issuance register or if the absence of the account holder another person could also take the cheque book only if he/she has authorized signature of the account holder. When the cheque books are issued they are

feed in the computer system from the requisite slip so when the cheques are given for the credit/transfer of amount they could checked. In this way neither the cheques could be repeated nor could the invalid cheques be claimed.

Head office issues ATM (Auto Teller Machine) cards with their PIN (Personal Identification Number) codes and when the customer claims for their ATM card they are checked from the list that is also issued from the head office, and the claim is checked from the list and if the name is found than the cards are issued by taking a signature and their PIN codes are given to them by taking signatures on their ATM card forms. The ATM card has been activated by the number provided at or with the specific card.

The Cancellation of ATM Cards becomes necessary in the following conditions:

If folded or damaged


PIN code missed or forgotten

Card captured by the machine and expired

If requested by the customer

The cancellation or inactivity of the card is being processed by the request or instructions provided from the customer.

The selling of the RTC has been described in step wise as follow:

In this step the bank initially seeks the information whether the person is going to purchase the RTCs on cash or on account basis. If the transaction is based on account then initially the cheque has been cleared than if the amount is sufficient than RTC has been issued after deducting after the amount from the account.

If the amount of RTC is more than Rs. 25000 than tax has levied by 0.3% in case of absence of the tax deduction form. After this the bank handed over a form for RTC sale dully filled by the concerned person and after this RTC number has been noted on the form as well as their amount and quantity. After this we note down the sold RTC in the concerned register. MCB Pak rupee travelers cheques the fastest way to carry cash for high value cash transactions. MCB rupee travelers, the market leader in the rupee travelers cheque market in Pakistan is celebrating nine years of leadership in July 2002. Launched in July 1993, MCB RTCs have been preferred choice of the rupee travelers cheques target market. With over 1.5 million satisfied customers in five years, MCB has been striving hard to package their product better and better each year.

07 | business internship report

We now have RTCs with maximum security features, we have incorporated tele verification with the product where customers can call and check whether the RTC is valid. At the same time, our RTC team anywhere in Pakistan ensures superior quality service.

There are short times either for seven days or for thirty days and the profit is calculated by the given percentage from the head office at the payment time. If the customer fails to complete the duration of seven days or thirty days then no profit is given. If any amount is outstanding, only in case of automatic continuity, then the profit is calculated for the whole period by the rate given from the head office multiplying from the numbers of days divided by the 365 for the one-day profit.

Profit is calculated for the six months only for outstanding SND. Zakat is also deducted but if Zakat deduction form is submitted to the bank, no Zakat will be deducted then, 10% with holding tax is also deducted from the profit to calculate net profit.

It is highly liquid instrument, it can be cashed at any time when needed. This instrument bears no profit on it. It is mostly used for the purpose of tenders.


Any company can provide its documents containing e-form, bill of lading, short shipment notice in case of short shipment, packaging list etc. the information provided from the documents is recorded in the LC establishment portion or section in the computer.

When the transactions have been completed then approved documents from the concerned bank are sent to the home bank for the payment or retirement of the LC. These transactions have recorded in the payment or retirement section of the computer.

The Foreign Currency Deposit relates with the foreign currency accounts, cash deposit or credit and foreign remittances.

08 | business internship report

In this we received the messages through SWIFT for foreign remittances, which we record in their respective accounts, if these are relates with Pak rupees than it was transferred in Pak rupees with the latest rate and if this relates to the foreign currency than it is dealt with accordingly. The amount has been credited to the respective account and the head office has been debited against it. After crediting the amount to the respective account. All the subsequent entries have been made in the registers and also in the computer record as the system now have been upgraded on computers. As we are reporting daily to the head office, so an annexure has been maintained and faxed to the head office.


This department deals with the approval of different kinds of loans to different business entities. The loans, which are being approved by the department, are kept with some securities such as bonds, properties and any other type of asset, which is equally valuable or more than this as a guarantee. Every branch has its own limit, if the amount of loans is with in the limit of the branch then it is being approved by the branch but if the amount of loan is exceeding the limit then it has to make it approved by the head office. In this case the branch stored all the required papers and sent them to the head

office for necessary action. If the head office approved the loan then mostly the period contains a year. And if the party requires more loan than after a year the loan has been re-approved required that they should have the limit. In case if the head office do not approve the loans then the return letter came back with the reasons of not approval of loan and if the reasons have been made approved by the concerned party then it could be sent again for approval. This whole process is recorded in the back remain with the bank until the party has not refunded all the amount of loan and bank has the authority to liquidate those assets for preventing it from loss.

In compliance with the directives of State Bank of Pakistan via BDP Circular No. 30, issued on 29th November 2005, the Basic Banking Account has been launched with effect from 27th February 2006. This product has been introduced to facilitate the low income group as well as the existing account holders who wish to convert their regular savings or current account into Basic Banking Account.

The Basic Banking Account is a current account and can be opened with a minimum initial deposit of Rs. 1000/- only. Account holders will be allowed 2 deposit transactions (each cash or through clearing) and 2 withdrawals (cash or clearing) each month. All customer-initiated transactions over and above this limit will be charged a transaction fee. However unlimited free charge cash withdrawals are allowed through MCBs own ATMs.

09 | business internship report


MCBs Foreign Currency Savings Account offers you attractive returns on your foreign currency investment. Unlimited transaction facility, profit credited to your account on a half yearly basis. You can avail a credit facility up to 75% of the total deposits value. A foreign currency account can be opened at any of our foreign exchange dealing branches.

MCB Rupee Maximizer Account provides you an opportunity to convert your the recent changes in the economic scenario MCB launched the Rupee Maximizer Account exclusively for its Foreign Currency Account Holders. MCB Foreign Currency Account holders now have an opportunity to convert their Foreign Currency Account balances into Pak Rupees and earn a profit at the rate of 12.6% per annum. Other features include profits calculated on a daily product basis, no restrictions on the number of the withdrawals, no minimum deposit required. Special benefits include one free ATM card and locker facility free of cost. MCB Rupee Maximizer Account is being advertised in leading daily newspaper as well as local papers. Foreign Currency Account into Pak Rupee and earn profit at the rate of 12.6% per annum.

MCBs Foreign Currency Current Account offers you the convenience of unlimited withdrawals i.e. access to your funds whenever you want without any notice. There is no limit on the number of transactions you make in a day.

Open a Khushali Bachat or Dollar Khushali Account, both require low minimum income deposits plus you receive profit on daily product basis. Get a saving with current account facilities through saving 365 or double your investment through capital growth and receive monthly profits through monthly Khushali.

Keeping in view the small savers, looking for higher returns on their savings, MCB introduces the Enhanced Saving Account (ESA). This account can be operated via all the channels available at the MCB such as Cheques, Virtual Banking, Mobile Banking, MCB Smart Card and ATMs/Point of sales all across Pakistan. MCB ESA, governed under PLS rules, can be opened with a minimum initial deposit of Rs. 5000 and the profit shall be calculated on an average basis maintained by the customer during that month.

10 | business internship report

Following shall be the slabs used for profit calculation:

average balance less than Rs. 20,000 (or equal to 20,000) with up to 4 withdrawal transactions per month (excluding ATMs, PSO, and VB) 4.0% p.a.

transactions per month (excluding ATMs, PSO, and VB) then standard PLS rates will apply.

The rates mentioned above are expected and shall be revised at least every six months. Average account balances can exceed Rs. 20,000 during a month. However, in that case, they shall be paid profit as per the standard PLS rates, as mentioned in slabs above. Profit shall be calculated on average basis and shall be credited to the account after each calendar quarter.

Pay your bills 24 hours a day, a day, 7 days, and a week. Make total payments of up to Rs. 20,000 per day. Carry out up to 10 transactions per day per card. Make either full or partial payments. Full payment is required for PTCL only. Recharge your pre-paid account for Mobilink, Ufone and Telenor as per their fixed slabs. Pay as a registered or non-registered user. Registration will help you avoid the time delay in entering details each time you carry out a transaction.

Pay with MCB ATM

Pay through MCB Virtual

Pay through MCB Call Centre


Our investment banking team has emerged as a leading player in Pakistans investment banking arena. The team handles advisory, corporate finance and capital markets related transactions, within these areas the team has developed expertise in:

-Fund Facilities

Fastest to Pakistan, anywhere in Pakistan, the fastest way of getting your money across to Pakistan. Remit express offers low cost remittance from U.A.E and Saudi Arabia. Your relatives friends or business associates receive drafts within 72 hours. MCB remit express has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the expatriate Pakistani community residing in the gulf countries.

11 | business internship report

Easiest and safest way to remit funds, remittance within 24 to 74 hours, personal delivery to the beneficiary, delivery confirmation to the remitter, message facilities for both parties. Your beneficiary will receive the amount even if he/she does not have an MCB account.

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate MCB personal loan shortens the distance between your dreams and your celebrations. It is fast, flexible and affordable, speedy loan approval. No guarantor / security / collateral required. Borrow up to Rs. 1,000,000. 1 to 5 year tenures, partial and full adjustments allowed anytime during the tenure, optional insurance, equal monthly installments, lower interest rates, higher loan limits, loan amount renewed anytime after nine months. You as an individual can gain and benefit the through MCB consumer banking. In MCB you get friendly, efficient and attentive personalized banking services, a unique banking relationship experienced by each MCB client.



The largest network of over 315 on-line branches in the country and growing. Providing customers with 24 * 7 real time on-line transaction facilities.

Enjoy the convenience of extended banking hours from 9 to 5, even on Saturdays, for satisfying your banking needs at all MCB Full Day Banking branches across the country where you are now served with a wide range of services through the day.

A deposit account for customers with substantial balances, offering profit on a daily product basis with the facility of unlimited withdrawals.

MCBs Special Rupee Term Deposits offer a very attractive term investment option with ease and convenience. Tenors options available are of 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years and 5 years. You can also avail a credit facility up to 75% of your total deposits.

12 | business internship report

The best protection for your valuables. Lockers of different capacities are available nationwide.

International remittances with a two-way messaging facility delivered at your doorstop within 24 to 72 hours.

MCB Islamic Banking provides Riba Free and Shariah Complaint solutions to various customer segments in a growing number of cities. With the help of Shariah specialists, lawyers and professional commercial bankers, we have the best solutions to cater your needs the Islamic way.

A local Point of Sale acquiring network facilitating acceptance of all major card brands.

MCB Smart Card and ATM card holders can avail cash withdrawal facility at over 900,000 ATMS worldwide.

MCB Smart Card and ATM card holders enjoy the convenience of shopping at over 5 million POS locations globally.

MCB provides the convenience of banking on the internet. Whether at office, home or traveling log on to and enjoy 24-hour access to all your accounts at MCB for the largest array of services.

13 | business internship report

Call now for answers to your queries about banking services. ATM services, mobile banking services, RTC services, tele-banking services and MCB product information.

Banking at your fingerprints. Dial in anytime to get information regarding balance and mini statements.


The nations largest network of over 210 ATMs and growing. Get 24-hour convenience of cash withdrawal, mini-statement, bill payment and funds transfer services.

MNET is an electronic hub for ATM sharing plus other touch points. Members include 12 local financial institutions enjoying ATM sharing and bureau services. Pakistans largest operating switch with the highest transactions volume.

MCB Smart Card - a secure instrument of payment, offering Cash Free convenience. It provides 24-hour direct access to your bank account and unmatched functionalities.

MCB Easy Bill Pay is an easy solution to pay Utility and Mobile Phone bills. MCB ATM Card or MCB Smart Card holders can easy pay their bills through MCB ATMs, MCB Virtual-Internet Banking and MCB Call Centre with security and peace of mind.

Providing access to diversified financing options, including working capital loans, term loans, trade finance services and investment banking.

Get a loan instantly at any MCB branch. Offering same day financing facility against liquid collateral at competitive pricing.

14 | business internship report

The most widely accepted way to pay cash for travel-related purposes. A safe and secure way to make payments nationwide.

MCB Business Sarmaya is a Running Finance facility against your residential property. It offers Running Financing up to 20 million with low mark-up and BTF at competitive rates.

MCB Pyara Ghar is an ideal Home Finance product that lets you purchase, renovate or construct your home the way you have always wanted. Financing available is up to Rs. 20 million.

MCB CAR4U Auto Finance is your move that gets you not only a car of your own choice but leads you to the best in life. It is affordable with competitive mark-up, flexible conditions, easy processing and above all, no hidden costs.

23 | business internship report

During the study of internship, I drew the following conclusions.

MCB limited has implemented a SYMBOL system which promises the efficiency growth of the bank. MIS and computerization of branches has enhanced the efficiency of the bank. Delegation of authority, wide branch network with ATM installation and wide participation of employees in the decision making provides the bank a competitive edge. The bank provides a conducive environment for career growth. The bank pays a too low rate of interest on deposits which in unattractive for its customers. There are too lengthy formalities and procedures involved in mortgage of properties offered as collateral to the bank.

The MCB bank made substation progress, recording strong growth in revenues and earnings. The main derives were increase in outreach, strengthened human resources. Including changes at the senior management level, enhanced product portfolios, improved control and vigilant credit risk management. Our primary focus was our customers and we worked diligently through the year to increase satisfaction and loyalty as the needs and expectation of our diversified base of customers continued to expand. A key initiative aimed at including a segment based approach to the overall business was the segregation of the retail banking group into commercial and consumer banking groups. This expected to help the MCB bank in providing customer centric solution in a more group generated healthy deposit and strengthened its SME lending.

24 | business internship report

1. Training can be provided with job rotations so each of the employees is capable of doing others work in case of emergency, this will ensure no delays are met.

2. As MCB earning a lot of profit stock options should be given to every employee.

3. Workers need more computer training.

4. MCB need to invest more in technology and bring all banking procedures up-to-date.

5. They should implement advance technology and make it one window shopping or one window service where each teller is capable of handling every transaction for example payments, deposits, transfers, bill payments, foreign exchange, ATM card issue and opening of new account. This will make MCB more proficient in customer service.

6. ATM network needs to be updated more to handle transfers, deposits, bill payments and print statements. This will free up a lot staff time.

25 | business internship report

1. News Letters

2. Magazines of MCB

3. Annual Report of MCB 2008

4. Website:

5. Review of President of MCB 2004 Page No: 08 to 12

6. Personal interview with MUHAMMAD ADNAN(Branch Manager)

7. Personal interview with AHMED ALI SHAH (Operation Manager)

26| business internship report

Attention is drawn to the fact that the copy right of this report rests with author. This copy of report has been supplied on condition that any one who consults it is the understood to recognize that its copy right with its author and no information derived from it may be published without the prior written consent author.

This report contains material, which is the property of the MCB Limited, Karachi and is clearly marked as such. Although they have given me their kind permission for its reproduction. This material remains protected under their copy right.

This report may be made available for consultation within University / Department of Commerce library and may be published on or lent to other libraries for the purpose of consultation.

27| business internship report

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