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Questionnaire on HR requirements of the people

Emp name: Emp age: Emp designation:

Q1) How long have you been working for the company? (a) Less than a year (c) 6-10 (b) 1-5 (d) 10 yrs and above

Q2) Have you been made aware of the policies and procedures? Do you know and understand them?

Aspects The organization mission statement? The structure of the company? The aims of the company? Our health and safety procedures? Our equal opportunities policy? Professional association membership? Policy on handling any legal problems? Policy on handling customer problems? Staff disciplinary problems? Policy on holiday entitlement? Policy on absence?

Not at all aware of this

Aware of this but need more information

Know and understand this

Q3) Do you know how you can help the organization to achieve its aims? (a) Yes (b) No (c) I think so

Q4) What do you know about your job, and what would you like to know more about? Aspects Your position in the organization Management to whom you are responsible Your hours of work Your pay Other benefits you are entitled to The organization computer systems The organization direction The team you work with in The machinery you will operate The managing director or CEO I know enough about this I know a little but, need to know more I need to know a lot more about this

Q5) Please rate your satisfaction with the employee benefits and policies. Aspects Extremely dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neither dissatisfied nor satisfied Satisfied Extremely satisfied

Accuracy of job description Salary review Adequate information provided about the company Job changes or promotion Leave of absence Healthcare benefits Retirement benefits

Q6) In the next three years how effective will be the following elements of compensation be in terms of attracting and retaining top performers? Aspects Base pay Health care benefits Retirement/ education benefits Child care arrangements Job security Q7) Would you benefit from further training in any of the items specified in your job profile? (A) Yes (B) No 1 (most effective) 2 3 4 5 (least effective)

If YES then specify the areas: .. ...

Q8) Please rate your satisfaction with the salary and benefits package you receive. Aspects Extremely dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neither dissatisfied nor satisfied Satisfied Extremely satisfied

Medical insurance package Company savings plan Retirement plan Holiday entitlement Job market