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Orphanage Emmanuel : Guaimaca, Honduras

JULY 2012 The past few months have been very exciting here at Emmanuel. Family came to visit, new staff and volunteers joined us in service, and the teams have been coming non- stop. We have gotten adjusted to our new role at the newly constructed small boys house, where w e are responsible for 32 boys from the ages 3-6. The farm has also been growing; Charlie now has twice as many chickens (nearly 400) and this summer we w ill be building a new Tilapia farm that will provide fresh fish to the kitchens. A new boys house is in the planning stages, and an addition is being built to a girls house; both projects will help us care for more children and share Gods love with them. Please be in prayer for the staff, as the summer can be a very busy and stressful time. Pray that God would give us all patience and understanding as we seek His will and guidance. Be in prayer specifically for new staff members Abby and Jared who are our next- door neighbors. Praise God for his continual provision!

When was the last time you did something impossible? Do you ever doubt Gods calling when it seems to be beyond your ability or outside your skill set? Do you find yourself constantly struggling to find ways to serve God that match up with your personality, talents, and time constraints? I had heard I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I knew that I had to rely on Gods strength and not my own. I knew that my life should bring glory to God and not to myself. But that knowledge was never really put into practice until I got to Orphanage Emmanuel. Now I can tell you about how God has given me words to say when I had none. I can tell you about how God accomplishes more through me in a day than I ever thought possible. I can tell you about how God has given me love, patience, and discernment when I needed it. I can tell you how he has given me rest, hope, and determination when I thought I was completely exhausted. Living an impossible life through the strength of Christ should be the norm for every Christian, not a rarity experienced by a few. If you are not doing the impossible, then what is holding you back from a full life in Christ? God desires your willingness, not your talents.

Charlies dad came to visit us in April for the first time since we have been at Emmanuel. He spent a w eek with us working with Charlie on the farm, with Abby at the Toddler House, and all together at the new small boys house. Abbys parents came to visit us for the first time during a week in May, and enjoyed visiting with their grandkids and the 32 small boys at our house. They brought custom-sewn pillowcases from their church for our boys (pictured) and were able to spend time getting to know Emmanuel and the work we do here. They have plans to return next year with a team from their church.