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This guideline shall be used to determine whether and if to upgrade the official versions of software used by PIP member companies and the PIP office. This guideline will also explain the adoption process for new software.

Official version is defined as the software version selected by the Steering Team based on member company usage and software usability. The official version will be used to produce and/or distribute PIP documents to member companies.

Software currently used by member companies in the distribution and viewing of PIP documents includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Instinctive Technologies eRoom. Software currently used by the PIP office, PIP Task Teams, or contractors in the production of PIP documents includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Adobe Acrobat, Autodesk AutoCAD, and Bentley MicroStation. The list of currently supported software versions can be found on the PIP website in the Members Area, under FAQ, File Formats (

Software Used Exclusively by PIP Office

The PIP office may use any software necessary to perform duties that do not involve the editing or the viewing of PIP Practices and Practice-related documents. Documents disseminated to the member companies must be created in PIPs official software versions.

Software Used by Member Companies

An annual survey will be initiated by the Work Processes Team (WPT) to determine which versions of software are currently used by PIP member companies and whether any planned adoptions or upgrades are scheduled. The PIP office will conduct the software survey in the first quarter of each year. The WPT will assess the information and make recommendations to the Steering Team at their second quarter meeting. If the survey determines that 100% of member companies are using a particular version of software, that version will become the official PIP version.

The decision to adopt or upgrade software used by member companies for viewing, developing, and revising PIP documents shall be based on the following two criteria: 1) 2) The software is currently used by at least 80% of member companies The new software or upgrade offers features that will improve work flow, document quality, document usability, or software usability.

When considering the new or upgraded software, the WPT will determine whether the new features meet the requirements of criterion #2. If both criteria #1 and #2 are met, the WPT will recommend the adoption of the new or upgraded software as the official PIP software to the Steering Team. If software is distributed free of direct charge, and therefore will not require member companies to make a purchase, only criterion #2 will be considered. If the software can be justified under criterion #2, a select group of function teams will be asked to test and evaluate the software. Upon a favorable evaluation, the WPT will recommend the adoption of the software as the official PIP software to the Steering Team.

Current Official Versions

April 2007
Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, etc.) Internet Explorer Adobe Acrobat Reader 2002 6 6