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Pee Books Presents: Warning! Violence and the Supernatural This book may be inappropriate for young readers. ‘The fictional world of Rifts is violent, deadly, and filled with supernatural monsters. Other dimensional beings, often referred to as “demons” torment, stalk, and prey on humans. Other alien life forms, faeries, monsters, gods and demi-gods, as well as magic, insanity and the supernatural are all elements in this book. Rifts England is a work of fiction! None of the Millennium Trees, monsters, characters, magic, powers, or places of magic are real. None of us at Palladium Books condone or encourage the occult, the practice of magic, the use of drugs, or violence Some parents may find the violence and supernatural elements of this game inappropriate for young readers/players. We suggest parental discretion. A supplement for the Rifts® RPG. Compatible with the entire Palladium Books® Megaverse®! 1 Palladium Books’ Presents: England Rifts World Book Three Written By: Kevin Siembieda Additional Text & Ideas: Steven Sheiring Alex Marciniszyn Senior Editor: Alex Marciniszyn Editors: Thomas Bartold James A. Osten Cover Painting: Keith Parkinson Interior Art: Kevin Long Newton Ewell Richard Cook Wayne Breaux Kevin Siembieda Mike Gustovich Mike Kucharski Ormworks: John Benson Art Direction & Keylining: Kevin Siembieda Typography: Maryann Siembieda Special Thanks to Newton Ewell for the inspiration and name for the Millen- nium Trees. Kevin Long for the inspiration and designs for the Nexus Knights. Richard Cook, Alex and Steve for their contributions and encouragement. Maryann for her tolerance and the usual gang of idiots for all their help. 3