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The  Period  Party

The Period Party

The Period Party

215 episoade podcast


The Period Party is what happens when you get two women’s health experts unscripted, uncensored, and on the air! Think of it as girl talk gone menstrual!

Episoade1 - 10 din 215 episoade


216: Reframing Teenage Periods & Why Girls Need Our Support with Eliza Reynolds

Eliza Reynolds a best-selling author, speaker, and founder of Badass Girls. She’s spent...

47 minutes
Jun 14, 2021

215: What Is The Fourth Trimester and Why Is It So Important with Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo & Marcia A. Cole

Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo and Marcia A. Cole are two friends and former magazine and digital ...

48 minutes
Jun 07, 2021

214: How Dental Health Affects Hormonal Health with Dr. Leedia Riman

Dr. Leedia Riman is a dentist whose mission is to start a movement empowering and educa...

50 minutes
May 31, 2021

213: Women’s Health Issues That Are Normalized But Are Not Normal with Dr. Saru Bala

Dr. Saru Bala is a licensed naturopathic physician specializing in women's hormonal hea...

38 minutes
May 24, 2021

212: How To Look For The Root Causes Of Endo and Why Your OBGYN May Not Understand Them with April Summerford

April Summerford is a stage 4 endo survivor, health strategist, and credentialed coach....

45 minutes
May 17, 2021

211: Fertility Awareness for Tweens and Teens with Chloe Skerlak

Chloe Skerlak is a Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and Certified Fer...

38 minutes
May 10, 2021

210: How Endometriosis Impacts Mental Health with Jessica Murnane

Jessica Murnane is an author, speaker, and creative consultant. Her most recent book, K...

39 minutes
May 03, 2021

209: What’s Happening to Your Hormones During Perimenopause with Dr. Mariza Snyder

Dr. Mariza Snyder is a functional practitioner and women’s health expert, and a force i...

43 minutes
Apr 26, 2021

208: Calcium Shell, Copper Toxicity and their Connection to Hormone Imbalance with Sara Korzeniewski

Sara Korzeniewski is a registered dietitian and functional diagnostic nutrition practit...

36 minutes
Apr 19, 2021

207: Why It’s So Hard For Women To Get A Diagnosis and Treatment with Georgie Kovacs

Georgie Kovacs is the founder of Fempower Health, the go-to resource serving women, the...

35 minutes
Apr 12, 2021