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B&H Photography Podcast

B&H Photography Podcast

B&H Photography Podcast

282 episoade podcast


Join us each week for a conversation with insightful and entertaining guests. From gear and technique to history, science and art, we discuss the topics most important to the contemporary photographer.

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NFTs and Photography

On this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast we take a deep dive into the tech...

60 minutes
Jun 10, 2021

Beautiful Exemptions - The Work of Mona Kuhn

Every now and again there are conversations that flow and sparkle; they seem laden with...

61 minutes
Jun 03, 2021

Discussing the L-Mount Alliance with Sigma, Leica, and Panasonic

Not quite three-years old and the L-mount Alliance has already proven successful for i...

51 minutes
May 27, 2021

Photography at the Border, with Greg Constantine and Monica Lozano

Making photographs regarding the important social issues of our day should not only be ...

45 minutes
May 20, 2021

A Well-Conceived Design: Hands-On with the Leica Q2 and Q2 Monochrom

This week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast is an old-fashioned hands-on review,...

42 minutes
May 13, 2021

Speaking in Dialect: How-to Books and the History of Popular Photography, with Kim Beil

This is one of the most enjoyable chats on photography we’ve had in­ a while, and our s...

52 minutes
May 06, 2021

Photomicrography of Gems, with Nathan Renfro

It’s macro week at the Explora blog and you’ll find many helpful articles and videos ab...

52 minutes
Apr 29, 2021

Clubhouse conversation with B&H Photography Podcast and Misan Harriman – April 27, 2021 4pm

The B&H Photography Podcast is teaming with Leica Camera and photographer Misan Harrima...

0 minutes
Apr 26, 2021

Todd Webb in Africa—Rediscovered Color Photographs

On this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we focus on the work of photogra...

57 minutes
Apr 22, 2021

Waltz with Fate—Photographer Misan Harriman

When you have had as momentous a year as our guest, photographer Misan Harriman, had in...

50 minutes
Apr 15, 2021