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GRE Vocabulary Podcast by VictorPrep

GRE Vocabulary Podcast by VictorPrep

GRE Vocabulary Podcast by VictorPrep

122 episoade podcast


VictorPrep's GRE vocab podcast is for improving for English vocabulary skills while helping you prepare for your standardized tests!

This podcast isn't only intended for those studying for the GRE, but also for people who enjoy learning, and especially those who want to improve their English skills. Having a large vocabulary can help you both in academic life and as a professional.

The podcast covers a variety of words and sometimes additionally covers word roots. Using a podcast to prep for the verbal test lets you study while on the go, or even while working out!

The show's website is VictorPrep.com.

Episoade1 - 10 din 122 episoade


110: Can a podcast lie fallow?

The words for today are: Corroborate, Specious, Pathological, Fallow VictorPrep's vocab...

14 minutes
Mar 01, 2020

109: Some post Thanksgiving winsomeness!

The words for today are: Chicanery, Winsome, Proliferate, Tacit VictorPrep's vocab podc...

13 minutes
Nov 27, 2018

108: Become a wizened, word wizard!

The words for today are: Wizened, Anomaly, Tangential, Jettison VictorPrep's vocab podc...

12 minutes
Nov 20, 2018

107: I once bilked a man out of his finest words

The words for today are: Indigent, Bilk, Naive, Acidulous VictorPrep's vocab podcast is...

14 minutes
Nov 14, 2018

106: Not listening to this podcast could be seen as an uconscionable act.

The words for today are: Mores, Boorish, Unconscionable, Aver VictorPrep's vocab podcas...

13 minutes
Nov 09, 2018

105: My friends would tell you I am absolutely NOT laconic...

The words for today are: Laconic, Interregnum, Dissolution, Posit VictorPrep's vocab po...

14 minutes
Nov 05, 2018

104: Enjoy some ostentatious Halloween costumes!

The words for today are: Ostentation, Insurrection, Permeate, Rescind VictorPrep's voca...

10 minutes
Oct 29, 2018

103: Four weird words, number four will shock you.

The words for today are: Incorporate, Belie, Elegy, Foment Today's quote is from The Br...

11 minutes
Jun 18, 2018

102: Some magical words

The words for today are: Trenchant, Syncopation, Kinetic, Supplant. Today's quote is fr...

15 minutes
Mar 13, 2018

101: A New Beginning!

The words for today are: Viscous, Apprise, Meticulous, Investiture Today's quote is fro...

11 minutes
Feb 20, 2018