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The Wedding Biz - Behind the Scenes of the Wedding Business

The Wedding Biz - Behind the Scenes of the Wedding Business

The Wedding Biz - Behind the Scenes of the Wedding Business

370 episoade podcast


The Wedding Biz features business-transforming conversations with industry icons. The only global platform of its kind to serve the business development needs of wedding and events' professionals, Andy Kushner offers an inside look into the wedding world for industry experts and bridal couples.

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Episode 368 JOSE VILLA & LAURIE ARONS - Discuss Working Together As Photographer & Planner/Designer and More!

Andy chats with two guests in this episode of The Wedding Biz, both of whom have been f...

30 minutes
Jun 21, 2021

Episode 367 REVISIT: TARA GUERARD - Wedding Designer with a Southern Flair

Southern charm and Tara Guérard are synonymous with each other. Add weddings to the mix...

44 minutes
Jun 16, 2021

Episode 366 TIM CHI – CEO, The Knot Worldwide and Reflections Post-Covid

Andy hopes that you will join him in this episode as he chats with Tim Chi, the CEO of ...

17 minutes
Jun 14, 2021

Episode 365 REVISIT: JES GORDON - Bringing Personality to Every Event

How do you truly entertain without boundaries? Just ask event designer, producer, and p...

52 minutes
Jun 09, 2021

Episode 364 KRISTY RICE – Soul-Filled Event Stationery and the Joy of Fine Art

Tune in to this episode of the podcast as Andy interviews Kristy Rice – artist, author,...

40 minutes
Jun 07, 2021

Episode 363 REVISIT: ASHFER BIJU - Culinary Artist, Executive Chef at The Pierre New York

In today’s conversation, Andy talks with Ashfer Biju, the executive chef and food and b...

60 minutes
Jun 02, 2021

Episode 362 BRETT CULP - Transitioning Out of the Pandemic Back to “Normal”

Join Andy in this episode as he chats with Brett Culp, an acclaimed filmmaker and socia...

38 minutes
May 31, 2021

Episode 361 RENEE DALO – How to Market Your Business Via Clubhouse

Join Andy as he chats with Renee Dalo! Renee, who has been referred to as “the no-nonse...

22 minutes
May 26, 2021

Episode 360 CHRISTINA MATTEUCCI – Using Performance and Storytelling Techniques to Engage with Impact

Tune in to this episode of the podcast as Andy talks with Christina Matteucci, executi...

44 minutes
May 24, 2021

Episode 359 THE NEXT LEVEL: Rime Arodaky Discusses: HAROLD JAMES – How a Hair & Makeup Artist Prioritizes Inner Beauty and Confidence

Today we listen to Andy and Rime Arodaky discuss the interview from the 17th with Harol...

12 minutes
May 19, 2021