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Finding Mastery

Finding Mastery

Finding Mastery

300 episoade podcast


I’ve been in the trenches with some of the best performers in the world – some who shift how we conceive what’s possible — others who have pushed their own boundaries — ranging from hall of fame athletes to action sport game-changers, entrepreneurs, Mixed Martial Artists, to musicians who influence the rhythm of the world. I’m Dr. Michael Gervais, and I’m excited to decode the many paths toward mastery and provide applied practices that we can all use to be and do more in our lives.

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Darin Olien on Rethinking What You Put in Your Body

This week’s conversation is with Darin Olien, who you might be familiar with as the co-...

84 minutes
Jun 16, 2021

Dr. Richard Harris on Heroic Decision Making - The Tham Luang Cave Rescue

This week’s conversation is with Dr. Richard “Harry” Harris, an Australian anesthetist ...

97 minutes
Jun 09, 2021

Dr. Marissa King on Forming Intentional Relationships

This week’s conversation is with Dr. Marissa King, a Professor of Organizational Behavi...

88 minutes
Jun 02, 2021

Per Lundstam on Why Curiosity is at the Center of Personal Growth

This week’s conversation is with Per Lundstam, the Director of Alpine Sport Science for...

94 minutes
May 26, 2021

Dean Karnazes on Finding Magic in Misery

This week’s conversation is with Dean Karnazes, an acclaimed endurance athlete and NY T...

84 minutes
May 19, 2021

Dr. Katy Milkman on The Science of How People Change

This week’s conversation is with Dr. Katy Milkman, a behavioral scientist and professor...

92 minutes
May 12, 2021

Joe de Sena on Facing Down What’s Uncomfortable and Finding Purpose

This week’s conversation is with Joe de Sena, the founder and CEO of Spartan, the world...

71 minutes
May 05, 2021

Ryan Holiday on Why Stoicism Matters Today

This week’s conversation is with Ryan Holiday, the bestselling author of The Obstacle I...

91 minutes
Apr 28, 2021

Joanne McCallie on Overcoming Mental Health Obstacles and Finding Peace

This week’s conversation is with Joanne McCallie, better known as “Coach P” – one of th...

85 minutes
Apr 21, 2021

Dr. Peter Attia on Perfectionism, Self-Discovery, and Emotional Wellbeing

This week’s conversation is with Dr. Peter Attia, a physician focusing on the applied s...

81 minutes
Apr 14, 2021