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DIY Musician Podcast

DIY Musician Podcast

DIY Musician Podcast

145 episoade podcast


Making music and building a career is more accessible to musicians than ever before, but how do you actually get your music in the ears of real music fans? The DIY Musician Podcast features interviews with promoters, lawyers, publishers, bookers, and artists of all styles and backgrounds to bring you the all the latest in music promotion and marketing. Born out of their daily work with artists at CD Baby and their own musical pursuits, Kevin and Chris are leading the charge to educate and encourage artists while building community among fellow musicians.

Episoade1 - 10 din 145 episoade


#275: How you know when you're ready?

DIY musicians don't actually want to do it all themselves. Nor should they! BUT... ther...

83 minutes
Jun 01, 2021

#274: Create the perfect release plan

We have big dreams whenever we releases new music — more fans, more money, more recogni...

81 minutes
May 10, 2021

#273: 6 Music Trends that are wasting your time

As musicians, our most valuable resource is time. Yet we often spend that time on thing...

96 minutes
Apr 07, 2021

#272: The state of music streaming

The State of Streaming: CD Baby artist's revenue increased 26% in 2020 over the previou...

66 minutes
Mar 11, 2021

#271: Musicians guide to YouTube

Can musicians succeed on YouTube if they're not "YouTubers?" Yes, though there are many...

101 minutes
Feb 19, 2021

#270: What every artist is asking

Every musician's path is unique, but a lot of times we're all wondering the same thing....

77 minutes
Feb 03, 2021

#269: Getting your music promotion in order for 2021

It's a new year with many challenges still facing artist as they try to connect with mu...

92 minutes
Jan 13, 2021

#268: How to release your music in 2021

The way artists release music completely changed in 2020. As we approach 2021, artists ...

92 minutes
Dec 03, 2020

#267: Cheryl B. Engelhardt - Organizing your fans to reach a goal

Whether you're launching a new album, promoting a livestream, or trying to shoot for so...

44 minutes
Nov 17, 2020

#266: Preparing for the 2020 holiday release season

Releasing music before the end of 2020? Listen to this episode, where Kevin and Chris t...

67 minutes
Oct 30, 2020