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Science News Flash

Science News Flash

Science News Flash

605 episoade podcast


A unique Christian perspective on headline-grabbing discoveries.

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Final Episode Farewell

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17 minutes
Aug 29, 2014

Can Newly Discovered "Godzilla of Earths" Support Life?

You might have seen: Fox News, ‘Godzilla of Earths’: Alien Planet 17 Times Heavier Than...

10 minutes
Jun 03, 2014

Largest-Ever Dino Discovered: What Does It Mean?

You might have seen: theverge.com, Researchers Discover Fossils of Largest Dino Believe...

14 minutes
May 21, 2014

Cave Skeleton Sheds Light on Human Migration

You might have seen: abcnews.com, Ancient Skeleton Shedding Light on First Americans; h...

16 minutes
May 21, 2014

Does HIV Provide Evidence for evolution or for Design?

You might have seen: New York Times, Creation, in the Eye of the Beholder; http://www.n...

27 minutes
May 21, 2014

Water on Saturn's Moon Enceladus?

You might have seen: New York Times, A Moon of Saturn Has a Sea, Scientists Say; http:/...

21 minutes
Apr 04, 2014

Moon's Age Reveals Fine-Tuning

You might have seen: Yahoo! News, New Geologic Clock "Resets" Date for Moon' Formation;...

13 minutes
Apr 03, 2014

Big Bang "Smoking Gun" Discovered

You might have seen: BBC.com, Cosmic Inflation: "Spectacular" Discovery Hailed; http://...

21 minutes
Mar 17, 2014

Ringwoodite Provides Clues to How Earth Received Water

You might have seen: Nature.com, Tiny Diamond Impurity Reveals Water Riches of Deep Ear...

24 minutes
Mar 13, 2014

Designer Babies?

You might have seen: Bloomberg, Dad May Join Two Moms for Disease-Free Designer Babies;...

38 minutes
Feb 27, 2014