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Thoughts on Photography

Thoughts on Photography

Thoughts on Photography

150 episoade podcast


This podcast explores what it means to live a photographic life. What does it mean to be an artist who uses the medium of photography to express themselves artistically to the world. What subjects do we choose and why? How are we influenced by other photographers, art, and the world in general? You won't find any gear-talk, camera reviews, or Photoshop tips here, but rather, you'll find an exploration of our relationship to photography as we continue to refine our vision, our craft, and our art.

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ToP #0147: Winter Photography Tips w/ Alex Soh

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! As winter approaches it's important to be safe o...

29 minutes
Dec 08, 2015

ToP #0146: Frogs, Fotography, & Frame of Mind

What happens when a conservationist who loves frogs has a camera? He goes to Haiti to c...

46 minutes
Dec 02, 2015

ToP #0145: Learning Photography - Workshops

I just got back from a workshop with ImprovePhotography.com shooting in the BEAUTIFUL a...

31 minutes
Nov 24, 2015

ToP #0144: Learning Photography - Online with Jim Harmer

We all have different learning styles.  Many of us learn best by struggling through thi...

35 minutes
Nov 03, 2015

ToP #0143: Joy of Marketing w/ Sarah Petty - Marketing

With thousands and thousands of photographers out there, how do you get your name known...

28 minutes
Oct 26, 2015

ToP #0142: Joy of Marketing w/ Sarah Petty - Branding

How is does YOUR BRAND reflect YOUR BUSINESS?  Not sure what it means to "brand your bu...

25 minutes
Oct 19, 2015

ToP #0141: Learning Photography - Intro

How do you learn photography?  Do you learn best when someone is there to walk you thro...

44 minutes
Oct 12, 2015

ToP #0140: NFL Photography with Jeff Lewis

Are you ready for some football?!?!  It's (American) football season here in the United...

73 minutes
Oct 05, 2015

ToP #0139: From Photographer to Gallery Artist

Many of us dream about having our photography on display in a gallery somewhere.  Anyon...

56 minutes
Sep 29, 2015

ToP #0138: Personal Passion Projects

Clearly photography is a passion of yours, but what is it that you REALLY love to shoot...

54 minutes
Sep 14, 2015