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#159 Walking on the wild side: Monica Ford, ancestral cuisine educator, explains the beauty and mystery of fermented foods

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Did you know that we’re more bacterial DNA than human DNA, and that we’re only as happy and healthy as those beneficial little bugs that live inside of us? Today, we take a walk on the wild side as we explore the beauty and benefits of wild fermentation--along with the bacteria and enzymes that come along with it. Monica Ford, ancestral cuisine educator and the founder of Real Food Devotee, explains in a lively way why fermented foods are fabulous and absolutely essential for good health and a strong microbiome. Monica talks with us not only about how food fermentation started, but what it means for our health and how/why we should reincorporate it into our diet. She shares her story, including her scrappy attempts at making her first jar of sauerkraut, and how everything evolved from that. Find out just how wild and powerful fermentation can be through this conversation. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get inspired to make your own batch of pickles or kombucha at home?! For more on Monica, visit her website: RealFoodDevotee.com. For show notes and other resources, visit westonaprice.org. Our listener survey is here.  For info on our conference, go to wisetraditions.org. And check out our sponsors: Ancestral Supplements and Vintage Tradition.

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