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Episode 228 - BeepJets: Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 228 Aviation News Radio Show with Carlos, Nev, David, Eoin, Mila, Brian and Matt.

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Join Carlos, Nev, Matt, Eoin, Brian, Mila and David for a very busy show. In today's episode we're talking about a new Lego Safety video that's been done for Turkish Air, concerns have been raised about the use of slides during a 737-800 evac and retirement plans begin for one carriers 767 fleet. In our latest segment from Farnborough 2018, Pip walks us through the Falcon X8. David shares with us his progress as he works towards obtaining his commercial license and Mila tells us what it's like to fly cargo. Get in touch with us on social media by searching for 'PlaneTalkingUK' or get in touch by email on podcast@planetalkinguk.com. Show Notes -------------------- Links to the videos that were played during this episode are : Turkish Airlines Safety Video : https://youtu.be/C2hCN6cVuqM Ryanair : https://youtu.be/gSh_5LnC3YE https://youtu.be/r2mVpdaCOJ0 Farnborough 2018 : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fj2b5fIyYDToKIUTG8MOLuPGSAU4GG53

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