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Understanding Stress with Heidi Hanna: Identify the roots of stress and how to control it.

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Understanding Stress with Heidi Hanna: Identify the roots of stress and how to control it.

Din Ask The Health Expert

Lungime: 27 min


Dr. Heidi Hanna, member of the Mindset Academy and expert on the very current topic of stress, helps us understand what is stress, and the effects that toxic levels of stress can have on our bodies. Dr. Hanna gives simple and easy to put into fast action tools to deal with stress. Listen to this podcast, and start decreasing stimulation and increasing nourishment; you might even find out that your weight loss resistance has to do more with stress than with your nutrition or exercise habits. Discover Dr. Hanna´s gift to JJ’s audience, and laugh your way out of stress!   Key Takeaways: [:55] Dr. Heidi Hanna career briefing [2:34] What is stress? [5:23] Capacity can make us more resilient to deal with stress. [5:57] Isolation is one of the worse things for health. [6:40] When the brain perceives we do not have social support, there is a toxic reaction. [7:20] What does stress do to the body? [7:48] Three different types of stress: tame, tolerable, or toxic. [9:58] Chronic toxic stress will start to atrophy brain cells in the prefrontal cortex and memory center, and increase cells in the amygdala, or threat response area. [12:03] Why are we so stressed out? [13:11] Technology is too much for our brain to process. [14:08] How to set boundaries to technology. [14:35] Weight problems and the relationship with stress. [15:06] Simple things you can do to decrease stimulation and increase nourishment. [16:40] Change your mindset in three simple steps: gratitude, curiosity, and humor. [19:56] Quiet exercise is the best thing that combines meditation and workout. [20:50] FInd humor for 21 days in the gift that Dr. Hanna has for the audience. [21:52] Are you digesting protein well? JJVirgin Digestive enzymes can help you. [23:12] How to get rid of sugar cravings.   Mentioned in This Episode: JJVirgin.com/stress JJVirgin.com/products Facebook JJVirginofficial
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