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Losing Fat While You Sleep with Shawn Stevenson: How a good night’s sleep is key to successfully losing body fat.

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Losing Fat While You Sleep with Shawn Stevenson: How a good night’s sleep is key to successfully losing body fat.

Din Ask The Health Expert

Lungime: 23 min


Shawn Stevenson explains how sleep is more important than diet and exercise when you are on the path to losing weight. Have you tried everything and can’t seem to make progress with your weight loss goals? Are you hungry or battling cravings all the time, even right after meals? Get a good night’s sleep and see how it works! Stevenson gives us tips to do what needs to be done to get the quality sleep your body needs. Don't miss this JJ Virgin podcast so you can transform your nights into fat burning sessions!   Key Takeaways: [:20] Losing fat while you sleep [:45] Shawn Stevenson's career in health care area [2:27] Sleep quality and the effect on health [2:35] Sleep is the most important aspect of maintaining good health. [2:55] Sleep is more important than diet and exercise. [3:25] 55% more body fat is lost when getting a good night sleep. [3:48] Sleep more. [4:22] Top 3 processes controlled by sleep [4:30] Human growth hormone is within your body and protects your muscle tissue. [5:32] Melatonin — your sleep hormone — helps burn the fat you want to get rid of. [6:36] Leptin, the hormone that helps control hunger [8:37] 80% reversal rate for type 2 diabetes [9:08] What do you do with people that have trouble sleeping? [9:29] The quality of the sleep is more crucial than the number of hours. [10:42] Sleep smarter. [10:55] Tips to improve the quality of sleep [11:10] Morning exercise, 10 minutes of activity [11:50] Get good sleep nutrients: Potassium [12:50] Magnesium is a great sleep inducer. It can be found in any green vegetable. [14:58] Exercise three sessions of 10 minutes a day. [15:45] What is the one thing you do that makes a difference in your life? [16:10] Meditation to feel fulfilled and complete [17:06] Themodelhealthshow.com [17:40] Sleepsmarterbook.com, 21 videos to go through every chapter of the book [18:38] Breakfast sets the pace for all your day, get your shake. [19:07] Jjvirgin.com/products [19:29] A nurse struggles with her sleep, how to flip your sleep cycles? [21:19] Good sleep hygiene [21:55] Exercise [22:18] 8 hours of quality sleep [23:07] Leave your question at jjvirgin.com/ask.   Mentioned in This Episode: Themodelhealthshow.com Sleepsmarterbook.com Jjvirgin.com/products Jjvirgin.com/ask
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