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The Great Outdoors: Part 5 - A Slow Experiment

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The Great Outdoors: Part 5 - A Slow Experiment

Din The Slow Home Podcast

Lungime: 34 min


It’s the last episode for the Great Outdoors Slow Experiment, and this week Brooke and Ben look at the mental health benefits of spending time outside, as well as wrapping up the month and reflecting on their own experiences. Hint: Brooke’s mind has been blown, and Ben thinks he’ll stick to the habit.
Given her experience with postnatal depression and anxiety in the past, Brooke feels particularly connected to the concept of nature having an positive impact on mental health. It played a major role in her healing journey, and she’s excited to see studies showing its benefits in others with mental health illness. Ben found research that highlighted that everyone’s response to time in nature is different, and that people with a predisposition to mental illness actually feel the benefits more than others. Which leads into a timely reminder to find what works best for you, try it and see and be self-aware as you experiment (and of course, always seek professional help when it’s needed).
The guys also talk about the wondrous week in nature they’ve had, filled with birthday hikes, hot springs, natural springs, playtime, skiing and walks. Brooke had the timely reminder to let go of expectations and let nature time happen however it does, even if it’s 5 minutes hanging out the washing and breathing in the fresh air rather than a glorious stroll in the woods. They reflect on the month as a whole, and both agree it’s been a huge shift for them in understanding the importance of getting out into the Great Outdoors, and that it’s something that will stick with them.
If you’re playing along, don’t forget to share how you’re going over on Instagram using the hashtag #slowexperiment, or comment on Facebook. We’d love to know what you’ve discovered, or what’s impacted you over the month, and whether you think you’ll keep it up. And also a massive thank you to everyone who’s joined us in the experiment - we’ve loved seeing your posts, and your passion and honesty in sharing has been inspiring. To read more, head over to http://slowyourhome.com/231 for all the links and resources mentioned, as well as the full blog post. Stay tuned in April to find out what the May #slowexperiment will be too!
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