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The Great Outdoors: Part 4 - A Slow Experiment

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The Great Outdoors: Part 4 - A Slow Experiment

Din The Slow Home Podcast

Lungime: 32 min


Let’s get physical. Yep, we’re in week three of the Great Outdoors Slow Experiment, and this week Brooke and Ben are looking at a bunch of the physical benefits of spending time outside in nature. It’s been a pretty wondrous, awe-inspiring week outside for them, with quiet moments, play, some glorious snow and then even more glorious skiing. This week Brooke has really found herself craving time outside, and Ben noticed the headspace that spending time in nature gives him, setting him straight for the rest of his day.
They looked at a bunch of research, and found some really surprising studies and information. Things like how exercising outside makes you want to keep exercising. That if you live in an urban environment but have access to or prioritise time in nature, you can live a longer and more healthful life. Being outside can lower your blood pressure, and make you better at coping with stress. If you do it regularly, it can reduce your stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. It impacts inflammation and your immune system, as well as your ability to heal and recover from illnesses. Basically, the long term benefits are many and varied and there is so much interesting work being done in this area.
If you were having doubts about this whole nature thing, this episode will definitely put them to bed. Put simply, there is so much to gain by making these changes, and so much to lose if we don’t.
And the hack of the week to help you commit? Reduce the scope, stick to the schedule. So get out there! If you’re playing along, don’t forget to share how you’re going over on Instagram using the hashtag #slowexperiment, or comment on Facebook. We’d also love to know if you’ve noticed any physical benefits - from sleep to immunity, let us know how you’re feeling.
To read more, head over to http://slowyourhome.com/230 for all the links and resources mentioned, as well as the full blog post.
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