Ep. 111 - Ram Dass Receives the "True Secret Teaching"

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Ep. 111 - Ram Dass Receives the "True Secret Teaching"

Din Ram Dass Here And Now

Lungime: 56 min


Ram Dass gives a moving talk on the Guru's grace and the story of how he received a true secret teaching from his own Guru.

Recorded in June 1973, Ram Dass leads a discussion around the concept of Dharma, or one's path in life, and how he discovered his own Dharma through secret teachings from his Guru. We may go to great lengths to avoid our path, but our inner voice continues to bring us back. Ram Dass also explains the role of karma yoga and what it means to 'die into service.' We learn to work with our desires and move right into the fire. Through this work, we free ourselves from attachment and find a deeper connection with God.
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