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Mike Rabil: Dartmouth Football Captain and Entrepreneur

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"People build businesses, not excel spreadsheets." It's my favorite quote coming from this week's multi-talented guest: my older brother, Mike Rabil. There are many layers to how this saying can be interpreted, especially in sports. An easy translation could be "people win championships, not statistics." However, I think unpacking which type of person who wins championships should be our core focus. Mike believes the emotional intelligence of an individual has become the core ingredient to business and sports success. 

Mike's senior to me by 23 months. We did everything together growing up, are best friends, and business partners today. We started our professional relationship by opening a franchise gym together in 2008. That gym, called Snap Fitness, turned into a portfolio of 7, followed by the development of our own concept, a hybrid spin, TRX and group training business called TurnStyle Cycle. Along the way, we won and lost, learned valuable lessons, made relationships with new operators and business partners, built new properties, and began our own venture investment portfolio company, Rabil Ventures.

This is by far and away my most personal and intimate interview yet. The former Dartmouth football lineman, all-Ivy League captain, now multiple-time entrepreneur, investor, and most importantly, operator, has a lot of wisdom to embark on us.

I’m your host Paul Rabil and welcome to Suiting Up Podcast, where I interview athletes, media executives, team owners, and other key stakeholders about the duality of the modern professional athlete. From player startup investing appetite, NewCos, social media influencing, creative marketing and digital strategy, today’s athlete, whether active or retired, is continuously redefining what it means to be a professional on and off the field.

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