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Children's Literature: Ernie Rea and guests discuss religion in children's literature.

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C.S. Lewis is thought of as one of the most influential children's authors of the 20th century. The Chronicles of Narnia series has inspired generation after generation of children. The story is gripping; and the magical land of Narnia excites the imagination. But just how much do children today know about the overt parallels to the Christian story contained within the books? And does it matter as long as it's a great story? Is C.S. Lewis one of a kind when it comes to the incorporation of religion into mainstream children's fiction? Do religious language, ideas and imagery have anything to offer children's literature in today's increasingly secular society?

Ernie Rea discusses the role of religion in children's literature with the novelist Geraldine McCaughrean, whose work includes the retelling of classic stories for children, including The Canterbury Tales, The Pilgrim's Progress and Moby Dick; Frank Cotterell Boyce, screenwriter, novelist and author of 'Millions' which won the 2004 Carnegie Medal for children's literature; and Nicholas Tucker, an educational psychologist and academic who has written widely on children's literature.

Producer: Dan Tierney
Series Producer: Amanda Hancox.

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