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10 minutes
Dec 1, 2020
Episodul Podcast


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In this podcast, we’re going to talk about diabetes 1.5. What is diabetes 1.5? This is a combination of type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. 
Diabetes type 1 is the destruction of the beta cells. These are the cells in the pancreas that create insulin. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. The body’s own antibodies attack the cells that create insulin. In turn, you have to take insulin. 
Type 2 diabetes is the problem not with insulin production, but the body’s ability to use insulin. Your receptors no longer use insulin efficiently because they’ve become resistant to insulin. 
Diabetes 1.5 is when you have a problem with both creating insulin and your cell’s ability to receive insulin—it’s like double diabetes. 
This condition is happening more and more in children.
In my opinion, this is not a problem with diet; it’s a problem with vaccinations. A child gets about 80 vaccinations. This creates a lot of inflammation from repeated stimulation of the immune system. Then, you have cortisol that comes in that is an anti-inflammatory. If there’s not enough cortisol, there’s still going to be enough inflammation to create damage in the cells of the pancreas. 
You didn’t see this problem back in the early 90s or 80s. It’s after all of these vaccinations were introduced. 
DATA: https://bit.ly/37tbS6v

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Dec 1, 2020
Episodul Podcast