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Being creative How does it work ?

Cum trebuie abordat un proiect Parcursul creativ Brieful Brainstorming De unde luam idei Finalizarea conceptului Think options/Selectia Presentation skills

Cum trebuie abordat un proiect

Un proiect este de cele mai multe ori constituit dintr-o multitudine de aspecte de care trebuie tinut cont in momentul inceperii procesului creativ. Adica: este nevoie de o privire de ansamblu: Cui ne adresam, ce finalitate are proiectul, Care sunt elementele din care este constituit etc.

Inainte de a incepe un proiect exista The Golden Questions

Cine? Ce? Cum? Unde? Cand ? De ce? Pentru cine?

Cum trebuie abordat un proiect

De obicei asa arata un proiect Datele proiectului GRESIT: Abordarea partiala a unui proiect inseamna lipsa de informatie REZULTA finalizarea gresita/ nefinalizarea proiectului!

CORECT: Privirea in ansamblu a unui proiect inseamna intelegerea lui si luarea in calcul a tuturor parametrilor

FINALITATE: Vizual final Idee creatie

Brief-ul nu este doar pentru Account! Citeste-l pe tot!

Parcursul creativ

Urmareste finalitatea proiectului!

Viziunea finalitatii proiectului = parcursul creativ

Brainstorming is for everybody !!!

Dupa Brainstorming concretizeaza ideile si vezi finalitatea acestora

They are all around us !!! Do not be limited !

De unde luam idei

De unde luam idei

PUNCT DE PLECARE: De identificat cuvintele cheie din brief

Asa arata un blocaj mental:

Cand te blochezi, uita tot si alege un alt traseu!

Think options

Propune, propune, propune!

We need your presentation skills! Clients love Creatives and hate Accounts!


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Unlocking Your Creative Genius Potential

READ ME : Some facts

Creativity is the hidden capacity to think about ourselves, others, objects, events and circumstances in original and unique ways. Moreover, creativity allows us to overcome great odds, problems and challenges that maybe standing in the way of the success we desire to attain in life. Yes, creativity is indeed a powerful and yet somewhat mystical ability that brings with it a vast array of opportunities and skills that enhance and better our lives. With it, we can move mountains, part oceans and attain the heights of success. On the other hand, without it the challenges of life become more difficult and arduous to bear.

The Characteristics of a Creative Genius

A creative genius naturally cultivates within their personality certain and specific characteristics which are essential to the process of expanding their creative capacity. Lets take a closer look at this creative mind by breaking down each of these characteristics one step at a time: Flexibility in Thought, Opinion & Decision A creative genius is flexible in thought, opinion and decision because creativity requires an open mind that takes many perspectives and opinions into consideration at one time. It is from this information that the creative mind is then able to piece together all of the essential ingredients that are required to bring their unique ideas into the physical world. Possibility Thinker A creative genius thinks that everything and anything is possible given enough time, thought and reflection. Risk Taker A creative genius naturally takes risks in thought and action, that help them to overcome the challenges they face in surprising and seemingly unexpected ways. Focused Awareness A creative genius sets clear goals and objectives that naturally enhance their focus and awareness as they progress along their journey towards manifesting a brilliant idea. Through the act of focus they are better able to direct their minds on the most important thoughts, concepts and ideas that will help them attain their end goal and objective. Courageous Disposition A creative genius is courageous in thought and action. Being courageous usually requires breaking the rules while going against orthodox methods of thinking and acting. They understand that the fastest way to a brilliant and unique idea is through the process of going against the grain. This is the philosophy they live by each and every day of their lives.

Imaginative Mind A creative genius cultivates, grows and expands their imaginative methods of thinking each and every day. They understand that to successfully overcome the problems and challenges in their lives, that they must always be thinking in unique ways from a variety of different angles and perspectives. The creative strategies of brainstorming we will discuss later within this post will help you to get a deeper insight and understanding into this imaginative thought process. Intuitive Perspective A creative genius understands that the most brilliant ideas dont usually come from the conscious mind, but rather from deep within the unconscious recesses of their intuitive mind which is connected to the collective consciousness of all of humanity that is, was and ever will be. Playful & Curious Nature A creative genius has a curious and playful nature which naturally expands their ability to think about events, objects, other people and circumstances in unique and creative ways. They effectively approach every problem from a child-like perspective that is innocent (not constricted or limited by past thoughts and experiences) and reflective (always asking insightful questions about their current circumstances and reality). Persistent A creative genius understands that the answers wont always reveal themselves in the first instance. They acknowledge the fact that it may be some time before the perfect idea comes to mind. As a result they approach each challenge as an unfolding journey of learning and experience that must be tackled in a persistent and patient manner. Independent Even though a creative genius takes other peoples ideas and opinions into consideration, they are essentially independent thinkers and doers. Through the process of independence they are in essence able to step away and effectively reflect upon the information they have gathered from others and the world around them and piece it together without the external pressure that the average populace experiences. Not being swayed by masses of opinion, allows them to think critically about their problems, thusly attracting better and more insightful solutions that will help them to attain their goals and objectives. Dedicated A creative genius is completely dedicated to their outcome. Through a dedicated spirit they are able to get more done in less time and with less effort. Proactive A creative genius always makes proactive decisions and takes proactive action. Yes, they can sit on their thoughts and ideas for long periods of time allowing them to cultivate and grow within their minds. However, once an idea has been effectively crystallized within their mind, they will not hesitate, and will take immediate action to bring their thoughts into the physical world.