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Raleigh & Rosse:

Measures to Motivate Exceptional Service

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Major Concerns
Declining revenues expected in the face of growing industry Lawsuit threatened to damage R&Rs reputation irreversibly Also involved huge financial costs to R&R Critical flaws in the SPH and Ownership Culture Program

Customer Service at R&R

a calling, a vocation to serve our clients at the highest level of devotion Sales associates went to great lengths to guarantee customer service Store Manager: Hire, train, motivates sales associates Wealthy customers experience was a key differentiator for R&R Tailored customer service as per clients from specific location

HR Practices

Ownership Culture Investment in training Use of IT system to manage SKU Autonomy to store managers SPH program System which will closely align managers and associates Target SPH and you will be incentivized for exceeding SPH R&R recognized the difference between selling and non-selling timings

Critical Flaws in the Program

Distinction between selling and non-selling is vague and confusing Competitive work environment - Client All Stars Unethical employee practices Employees not meeting target SPH and spending more hours at work place are getting lesser SPH, leading to termination. SPH used to assess Customer Satisfaction instead of Employee Performance At the cost of employee satisfaction Undefined system rules lead to confusion and manipulation


Employees no longer motivated as they are working off the clock so associates are filing Lawsuits Logging beyond of call of duty hours will lead you to termination

Scrap SPH Implement a Balance scorecard system for performance measurement. 9 step process with each step leading to strategic alignment of Performance with goals For Sales Associates: We need to build three things : Effort to Performance path Give trainings and motivate employees. Team building activities Performance to Reward Store manager will decide a compensation for any worker working beyond call of duty hours Value of reward Take feedback on monetary rewards


On floor and On field Sales Associates for each customer, to clearly separate the selling and non-selling hours In the advent of Recession, we recommend retaining old customers instead of expansion and relying on word of mouth marketing. Give lucrative offers to existing customers. Life referral discount on next purchase Salary Structure Combination Plan Fixed Pay = Daily Wage * No of hours worked Variable Pay = x% of Profits + y% of net sales where x will be larger for store managers and y will be larger for sales associates Every 2-3 months associates will be evaluated for bringing new customers and also service provided to old customers. This is to ensure that target sales are not at the cost of client service and to check we are growing or not.


Corporate office + Human Resource Maintain compliance and regular audit of stores. Proper checks and balances regarding logging of hours. Strict measures against any unethical practices Social recognition at corporate level Be My Buddy Program Senior Sales Associates Junior Sales Associates Store Managers with consistently good performance given a chance to observe client servicing at store in a different city Invite suggestions from Store Managers / Sales Associates for improvements in store Supply chain, operations, decor

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