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Hospital India
(temple of healing) Honour of Central India

Meditrina Perspective
As mythology would have it Asclepius (meaning Hospital or temple of healing) was married to Epione, with whom he had six daughters: Hygieia, Meditrina, Panacea, Aceso, Iaso, and Aglaea, and three sons. The names of his daughters each rather transparently reflect a certain subset of the overall theme of "good health". All the daughters of Asclepius, for instance Meditrina (the healer in roman), Hygeia (hygiene) and Panacea (universal remedy) and so on were symbols of medicine, hygiene and healing (literally, "all healing"). Harboring a similar endeavor, Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences-a superspeciality hospital in Central India took shape after Meditrina Goddess of healing.

Vision and Mission

World Class Healthcare Infrastructure in your neighbourhood.

Vision Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences would strive to establish a World Class Institute in Healthcare and stay in the forefront of medical technology and best practices thereby fulfilling the long felt need of true super speciality healthcare in central India. Mission To excel in the chosen field of medicine and become a Temple of Healing for patients by providing state of the art facilities, ethical, compassionate & comprehensive patient care through deployment of latest technology and professional expertise in an ambience full of respect for life and human dignity.

Quality Policy
World Class Healthcare Infrastructure in your neighborhood.

Meditrina the temple of healing is committed to provide ethical, reliable, high quality and cost effective health care services with care and compassion to ensure complete patient satisfaction. We intend to continuously strive to improve the quality of our health care services by adopting latest technology and equipment to strengthen our medical processes and procedures to achieve the set objectives so as to meet international standards. Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences has responsive, caring and efficient administrators, nursing staff and technicians coupled with doyens for consultants in their respective field of medicine with a never ending focus on service and medical excellence to deliver patient centric services round the clock.

Welcome to the tertiary care superspeciality Hospital Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences
Tertiary care superspeciality hospital. FIRST IN ASIA Leica F-50 Neuro Operating Microscope with ICG capability. Latest Ultra Sonic Surgical Aspirator. 2 Phillips 100 RHF C-arm with intra-operative DSA facility. Intra-operative neurosonogram (GE-Vivid E System) Adjoining twin Operating rooms with pass-box for organ transplant. 60 bedded state of the art patient centered ICU. Four modern Operation Theatres having class 100 plenum Air Flow System with Mind ray motorized pendants meeting International Standards along with 1 dedicated Endoscopic Suite.

Welcome to the Tertiary Care Superspeciality Hospital Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences
First time in Central India 30 Bedded separate ICU with independent Air Handling unit. 13 air cycle changes per hour with 5 micron bacterial filters, having bio-room concept to reduce hospital acquired infections.

First fully integrated Hospital Information System (HIS) with PACS (picture archiving and communication system) to provide seamless working environment to realise the paperless hospital concept in Central India.

Welcome to the Tertiary Care Superspeciality Hospital Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences
Mobile ICCU - dedicated cardiac ambulance and 24 hours availability. Emergency Line - +91-98604-32255 Latest Dialysis machines for advanced Renal Care. State of the art Diagnostic facility comprising of 1.5 Tesla 16 channel MRI with functional imaging, multi-slice cardiac MRI and brain fiber tract graph, EEG and EMG system. Non invasive cardiac unit and Cardiac MRI with referral pathology laboratory. Advanced patients safety (emergency alarm) systems with state of the art fire alarm and sprinkler system across the hospital with ETP. Advanced cardiac ICU with adjacent state of the art Phillips Flat Panel Cath lab (FD-10) to reduce response time in primary heart care.

Welcome to the Tertiary Care Superspeciality Hospital Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences.
Superspeciality Services
Neurosciences Cardiac Sciences Bone & Joint Replacement World class ICU with critical care medicine High end Oncosurgery Minimal Access Surgery and Bariatric Surgery Hematology & Medical Gastroenterology Trauma care Urology and Nephrology Interventional Radiology EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Radio diagnostics Pathology Other Specialties

Landmark of Excellence
Built over 75,000 Sq Feet Phase 1 over 100 beds Four state-of-the-art Operation Rooms State of the art Cardiac Catheterization Lab Advanced Cardiac / Stroke ICU with advanced Flat Panel Cath lab with salient boost facility to reduce response time in primary heart care & Brain Arterial Thrombolysis Dialysis Unit Endoscopy Suite Cardiac Ambulance State-of-the-Art Radio-diagnostics Pathology

Ward Infrastructure
Air Conditioned Rooms / Wards Options for Multi, Twin, Single Super Deluxe & Deluxe Beds Nurse Call Systems Medical Gases All beds Patient Diet Inclusive Patient Amenities TV, Phones etc. Relative Amenities

100 % DG Back-up : 1200 KVA 80% Hospital on UPS Every Bed has Oxygen & Suction (No Charges) Liquid oxygen tank High end IT server with 150 computers Every bed has a telephone connectivity High speed bed lift

Critical Care Beds - ICCU

Critical Care Specialists MD doctors (24 X 365) Experienced ICU nurses PHILIPS Ventilators V200 Intra Aortic Balloon Pumps Data scope Multi Para Monitors MEC 2000 Mindray Defibrillators Mindray Medical Systems. Independent air handling system 13 air cycle changes per hour

Critical Care Beds - ICCU

Critical Care Beds - ICCU

Critical Care Beds - ICCU

Operation Rooms
Four Operation rooms International Design Standard Focus on Patient Safety and Sterility OT Pendant and Transport Ventilator - Dragger Medical Systems- Germany. Anesthesia Machines of Datex Ohmeda Harmony Surgical Light System Steris USA Multi Para Monitors Dash 4000 and Solar 8000 M GE Systems Pvt Ltd

OT Complex

Operation Rooms

Operation Rooms

Cardiac Cath Lab

The Flat Panel Cath Lab

Philips Allura Xper FD10/10 Biplane Cardiovascular X-ray system

Biplane cardiovascular X-ray system simplifies your work

Philips Allura Xper FD10/10 biplane Cardiovascular X-ray system

Biplane cardiovascular X-ray system simplifies your work

The Allura Xper FD10/10 biplane cardiovascular system offers movement flexibility and superb image quality that is the hallmark of flat detector systems. This advanced system features Xper (X-ray Personalized) so each user can personalize their settings for automatic positioning and other system movements. The Allura biplane cardiovascular X-ray system saves valuable time because it gives you twice the information with a single contrast injection.

Philips HD7 XE Ultrasound System

Philips HD11 XE Applications

Abdominal Breast Cardiology GYN Musculoskeletal OB Small Parts Vascular

Philips HD7 XE Ultrasound System

Get high quality images

The HD7 XE is built on a broadband digital beam former, providing the platform for high quality imaging. Add in pulse inversion technology for reduced artifact and excellent resolution. XRES adaptive image processing Configure the HD7 XE to suit your specific needs. Integrated automation tools make it easy to achieve the superb 2D, Doppler or 4D image with minimal keystrokes.

Philips HD7 XE Ultrasound System

Get high quality images

Color Doppler, which automatically selects the optimal Doppler or Angio frequency for highly sensitive resolution, as well as Color Power Angio technology for assessing amplitude and direction of flow. Pulsed wave and continuous wave Doppler with Adaptive Doppler technology to boost weak signals and reduce noise, and high PRF capability for measuring higher velocities than ordinary pulsed Doppler ultrasound. Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI), including Color TDI 3D/4D imaging

RX Daytona Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

Test menu includes: Cardiac

Routine Chemistry Diabetes Drugs of Abuse Electrolytes Food and Wine Testing Lipids Liver Function Open Channel Methods Renal Function Specific Proteins Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Veterinary Testing

Leica M525 F50

First In Asia

The Leica M525 F50 is a multi-purpose surgical microscope combining cost-efficiency and convenience. Ideal microscope for procedures in Neurosurgery, Spine, Otolaryngology, and Plastic Reconstruction.

The system provides quality and reliability in every respect : the optics, design, engineering, materials, components, operation, ergonomics and use.

Leica M525 F50

Vascular fluorescence

The Leica FL800 fluorescence module makes the perfusion of finest vessels visible. The advantage: Better vision enables objective visual monitoring of success. Without interrupting the procedure, the surgeon can gain critical information about the current situation at all times, improving the surgical outcome.

Leica M525 F50

Safer illumination levels

The Leica M525 F50 has been conceived to illuminate the surgical field in the best and safest light possible. The system features two independent 300 W xenon arc lamps and the automatic illumination-control functions Auto Iris (magnification-synchronized) and Bright Care (workingdistance-synchronized).

Leica M525 F50

Ease of movement

High-quality components and the optimal joint geometry assure perfect balance, minimal vibrations, and thus excellent ease of movement and perfectly ergonomic, convenient operation.
The surgeon and staff can work for hours with minimum force and in comfort.

Leica M525 F50

More efficient workflows

The interactive control panel allows guided balancing or individual selection of the axis or brake to be opened.
Customized settings can be stored at the touch of a button: light intensity, magnification, speeds like focusing and zoom, pre-settings of foot and hand switch, providing substantial time savings in the operating room.

Leica M525 F50

High-Definition Documentation

The Leica M525 F50 offers all conceivable options for digitally acquiring videos and still images in HD.
The recording system is integrated into the floor stand and thanks to the long and flexible monitor arm, the surgery can be comfortably followed on the 24" HD monitor.

Leica M525 F50

Advantages High-Quality Engineering

The Leica M525 F50 is made of state-of-the-art technology. It features metal and high-quality materials to ensure a long lifetime and high reliability. Additionally, the Ag Protect Antimicrobial Nano Silver Surface Coating reduces pathogens on the instrument and their transmission to the user.

Innova EX6000
Fully - motorized premium hospital bed High-Quality Engineering
It provides for maximum comfort to the patient. It is most useful during medical emergencies Reduces the risk of injury to the patient and the nursing staff while moving and handling the patient in bed. The convenient low heights - up to a minimum of 450 mm - (without mattress) greatly help the patient, and reduce the stress and strain on nursing staff while assisting the patient to get in, or alight from the bed. The bed can be raised to convenient higher heights, up to a maximum of 810 mm (without mattress), making it easy and comfortable to attend to the patient. The bed is provided with Central and Directional Locking Systems. Braking on wheels is operated by a simple pedal lever and ensures complete control of bed movement.

Innova EX6000
Fully - motorized premium hospital bed
High-Quality Engineering

Back-section and Upper Leg-sections are retractable. As it is raised, theres decreased mattress compression and consequently reduced pressure and friction to the patients body, thereby enhancing his comfort. Removable and light-weight Polymer molded Headboard and Footboard allow quick and safe access to the patient. Its modern design also enhances the look of the bed. For the comfort of tall patients, a bedextender has been inbuilt at the foot end of the bed.

Achieva 1.5T
State-of-the-art, high-field MRI scanner
High level of performance

MRI system (16 channel) Extended MRI Workspace Quadrature Body Coil (integrated) Quadrature Head Coil Sense Head coil 3.0T Sense Flex M coil 3.0T Sense Spine coil 3.0T Sense Torso coil 3.0T Sense Knee coil 3.0T Neuro vascular coil 3.0T (16 channel)


High level of performance

The CODMAN ICP Monitoring System provides accurate measurements of intracranial pressure at the source-subdural, parenchymal or intraventricular levels. The information is relayed electronically rather than through a hydrostatic column or fiber optics. The ICP EXPRESS monitor provides a continuous digital display of systolic, diastolic and mean ICP.

Critical and Emergency Care

Doctors and Nurses on Board Ventilator, Defibrillator and Monitor on Board

Life saving drugs on board

16 hr Oxygen supply back-up. Two Way Communication System

Air Conditioned

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