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Lexical and Parser tool generation of CBOOP Translator

Component Based Object Oriented Programming

CBOOP is a network of small, reusable, interdependent component objects. An individual component is a module that encapsulates a set of related functions. Each components communicate with each other via interfaces

Example of several software components pictured within a hypothetical holiday-reservation system

Usefulness of work
CBOOP deals with developing systems from parts, developing parts as reusable entities, and maintaining and improve systems by customising and replacing those parts. The concept of CBOOP can be used in the field of distributed computing

Research papers studied

Component Based Object Oriented Programming Implementation with object oriented signals by XIAQUING WU :Direct style Monadic Parser Combinations for the real world by ERIK MEIJER :General incremental Lexical Analysis by TIM A.WAGNER

A lexical Analysis Tools with Ambiguity Support

by Luis Quesada and Fernado Berzal :Parsing in different Languages by Mirsolav D Ciric and Svetozar R Rancic :-

Design and code the interdependent components of system. Generate a list of tokens and error if found. Automate the task of building bottom up parser and generate parse tree.

How the components will be designed?

Component Object Model (COM) is a platformindependent, distributed, object-oriented system for creating binary software components that can interact. COM specifies an object model and programming requirements that enable COM objects to interact with other objects.

Generally, Software object is made up of a set of data and the functions that manipulate the data. A COM object is one in which access to an object's data is achieved exclusively through one or more sets of related functions. These function sets are called interfaces, and the functions of an interface are called methods.

How tokens will be generated?

Lexical tool will take language specification as input and return CBOOP component to conduct LEXICAL analysis. This Lexical analysis will generate group of tokens and error accordingly.

How parsing will be done?

In this project , we will used Component Based LR parsing. In this parsing technique, all components have their own LR parser. In this parsing technique, we consider input CBOOP program that takes input as root parser and considering all other component parser as its child. A hierarchical structure i.e. trees is constructed where each node is individual component LR parser. This parsing technique, two more actions as compared to LR parser: switch( from parent to child parser) and return (from child to parent).

Month July Work done Study and analyze of research paper on CBOOP and lexical and parser analysis Study and analyze of research paper on CBOOP and lexical and parser analysis Design of different modules of CBOOP Design of different modules of CBOOP


September October


Coding of designed modules

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