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Who I Am

Name: Adnan Muzaffar Student ID: MC090401047 Degree Program: MBA Area of Specialization: HRM

Analytical Study On Employees Motivation of Agility Logistics

A Report on Agility Logistics (Pvt.) Limited

Introduction of the Project

Motivation; the processes that account for an individuals intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal. Employees Motivation; one of the most important requirements for successful business and human resource policy articulate People working in organizations are accountable for their organizational performance and success

To identify the factors of motivation. To measure the overall motivation of employees To give suggestions and recommendations for any necessary improvements

Opportunity to define the job Same understanding of what is to be done Opportunity to acknowledge meritorious performance Upward mobility and/or identify training needs can be discussed Individual as well as collective reforms are expected

Research Methodology
This is a casual research based project Data Collection Sources: Primary Data Collection Sources: Employees Secondary Data Collection Sources: Research papers, internet and libraries Data Collection Tools: Questionnaire Consisting off Close Ended Questions Used Likert Scale of level 5 Questionnaire was distributed in categories i-e Work Content, Working Conditions, Personal and My Leader/ My Supervisor

Research Methodology (Cont.)

Participants: Overall 20 Employees, 5 from each i-e customer services, operations, Inventory and quality assurance department participated Middle level, Low Level Management, subordinates and workers (laborers) were focused Units of analysis were individual employees Sampling Technique: Non-probability sampling technique (convenience sampling) has been used to precede the project Sample Size: 5 Population Size: 20

Data Processing
Data was gathered in the form of filled questionnaires Proceeded in MS Excel for analysis Mean analysis has been used to achieve the project objectives Emphasis is to measure degree of relationship between two variables e-g performance and employees motivation

Data Analysis
A Brief Review of Questionnaire: Total Questions: 26 1. Work Contents: 17 Questions 2. Working Conditions: 03 Questions 3. Personal: 02 Questions 4. My Leader/ My Supervisor: 04 Questions Scale:

Data Analysis (Cont.)

1. Work Contents: Mean Score on Rating Scale = 4.221 2. Working Conditions: Mean Score on Rating Scale = 4.733 3. Personal: Mean Score on Rating Scale = 3.725 4. My Leader/ My Supervisor: Mean Score on Rating Scale = 3.763 Overall Mean Score: 4.111

Employees of Agility Logistics (Pvt.) Limited are working in healthy, grooming and positive environment where they are motivated by their supervisors Employees are free to give their feedback and they speak out when and wherever required Employees are satisfied with the working conditions of the organization Employees feel that its not easy to satisfy and convince their supervisors

Conclusion (Cont.)
Few employees feel that they are not working as per their choice, experience, skills and qualification and authority is not shared entity among them 3rd (Personal) and 4th (My Leader/ My Supervisor) Parts of questionnaire resulted in low mean score < 4 as compared to 1st (Work Content) and 2nd (Working Conditions), which suggest that Motivation level of employees at floor level is low There is communication gap somewhere between supervisors and their subordinates

Overall motivation level is good (4.111) but yet some recommendations are required for improvement Employees at floor level i-e laborers must also be facilitated and provide them with opportunities to rise and grow equally. There is need to cease this communication gap and managers must show how to do? rather than just ordering What to do?

Recommendations (Cont.)
Leadership should take all the employees in confidence because when authority will be shared entity, employees will be motivated and improved in positive manner Although its not possible to facilitate each employee as per his/ her desires but yet there is need to reconcile some issues directly related to employees e-g salary, appraisals, incentive, increment etc. This will surely help like a tonic to motivate employees

Thank You