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Provided by: MD. Fazle Rabbi Ilias Kanchon Forid Hossain Ahanaf Fahim Ahasan Nazrul Islam 2011210000081 2011210000086 2011210000087 2011210000089 2011210000252

What is presenting the Bad News positively?

Refuse as positively as the situation permits. Avoiding second person can reduce the negative impact. Linking negative news to a reader benefit can also lessen the sting. Certain that you are honest and clear. Goal is to present the facts in a positive way.

Which situation require using the indirectness:

Message is primarily bad news messages should be in the indirect

order. There is exception as when the bad news is routine or when the reader prefers frankness. Following is a general plan for bad news messages and four application. The focus here is on special consideration involving each type. We cover negative announcements which are a form of bad news message with unique characteristics.

What is the general indirect plan?

Indirect messages presenting bad news often begin with a strategic

buffer. A buffer that Identifies the subject. A buffer can be neutral or positive. The direct approach is best especially if ethical issues are involved. Make your task of maintaining good relations more difficult.

What is setting up the Negative News?

The buffer with an explanatory strategy before presenting the negative

news. Present your reasons in such a way that your reader will accept the news as positively as possible. Explain the fairness of a certain action. The negative decision actually will benefit the reader in the long run. The reader should be prepared to receive it in the most favorable light possible.

What is offering an alternative solution?

Help solve the readers problem. Showing concern maintains good will He or she could get similar information. Perhaps you could invite the reader to make the request again at a letter

better time. The time to help the reader in this way is a sincere show concern for the readers situation.

What is the Ending on a positive note?

A skillfully handled bad news presentation can be disappointing to the

reader , you should end the message on a forward-looking note. You would say if you were in face to face conversation with the person. They should not recall the negative message to the readers mind. The reader and still regard it as a positive one. General plan to four of the more common negative business message situations.

What is the developing Strategy?

A fair and reasonable explanation involve carefully thinking through

the facts of the situation. Thinking is the strategy you should use in your message. Explanation is that company policy forbids compliance. The policy may will be a part of the explanation. There are other explanations of cource.

What is setting up the explanation in the opening?

The message with words that set up discussing it.
The message as a response to the inquiry. The help of those who are in a position to give it. The company is not in a position to give. The reader in an agreeable or open frame of mind.

What is handling the refusal positively?

The refusal follows logically from your reasoning. You should sate it quick, clearly and positively. The refusal for three or four sentences when a single clause would do

gives it too much emphasis. The effort to be positive. The refusal quickly, you should use as few words as possible.

What is closing with goodwill?

Refusal is the most negative part of your message. TO leave your reader with a feeling of goodwill. The best closing subject matter depends on the facts of the case. The major requirement is that your ending words have a good will

effect. The equally time worn appeals for understanding.

How are filling the general plan to refused requests?

A response to the request are neutral as to the answer and set up the

strategy. Present your justification or explanation using positive language and you viewpoint. Refuse clearly and positively including a counterproposal or compromise when appropriate. With an adapted good will comment.

Thank you for your patience.