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By: Sumandeep Kaur


joinees documentation Reference Check Process Transfers and Updations PPR Confirmations Exit and Relieving letter


in India originated in the last decades of the 18th century. The first banks were THE GENERAL BANK OF INDIA, which started in 1786, and BANK OF HINDUSTAN, both of which are now defunct. The oldest bank in existence in India is the STATE BANK OF INDIA, which originated in the BANK OF CALCUTTA in June 1806. The first fully Indian owned bank was the ALLAHABAD BANK, established in 1865.


Development Finance Corporation Founded in 1977 by Hasmukh bhai Parakh HDFC Bank was incorporated in August 1994 Among the first in new generation commercial banks Registered office in Mumbai, India Promoted by HDFC, the parent company IPO in India in 1995 Listed in NSE, BSE, NYSE(ADR)

Type Founded Headquarters


Net revenue Net income Website

Public 1994 HDFC Bank Ltd., Mumbai, India Banking, Insurance, Capital Markets and allied industries Loans, Credit Cards, Savings, Investment vehicles, Insurance etc. Rs.2,509.6 crores Rs. 4,634.3 crores


analyze the methodology and discrepancies in Reference Check Process. To find out the more preferable method for reference check process. To analyze the procedure of new joiners process at HDFC Bank and find out discrepancies. To calculate the days in completion of whole process.


Design: Descriptive Research Sampling design: Universe: Universe refers to the total units in the field of inquiry. Universe of the study was employee of HDFC Bank. Sampling Unit: Sampling unit of this study was new joiners of HDFC in North and East Region Sampling techniques: Convenient judgment sampling has been used to save time and to meet the Objectives.


of time and resources. Limited interaction with new employees. Telephonic communication was not adequate. Time constraints were there.

Strengths : Right strategy for the right products. Superior customer service vs. competitors. Great Brand Image. Products have required accreditation. High degree of customer satisfaction. Good place to work

Weakness : Some gaps in range for certain sectors. Customer service staff needs training. Processes and systems, etc Management cover insufficient.

Opportunities :


Profit margins will be good. Could extend to overseas broadly. New specialist applications. Could seek better customer deals. Fast-track career development opportunities on an industry-wide basis.

Legislation could impact. Great risk involved Very high competition prevailing in the industry. Vulnerable to reactive attack by major competitors. Lack of infrastructure in rural areas could constrain investment.


find out the number of salary pending cases @ North.

Number of Salary Pending Cases (3 April to 7 June) @ North
700 610 600 500 438 610 610

300 200 100 0 Salary Processed Salary Pending 4 NJ Exit 168

Number of Salary Pending Cases @ East


226 200






Salary Processed Salary Pending NJ Exit

Reasons Name Mismatch Date of Birth mismatch Medical Acceptance Letter Delay in Documents Date of Joining Mismatch Salary Account Pending Relieving Letter Pending Delay in Confirmation

Percentage 17% 1% 5% 10% 25% 1% 41% 5% 2%

Status of Reference Check Process (3 April to 7 June)


Closed Cases Pending Cases 87%

Mode Used for Reference Check

48% 52% Mail


Average days in Completion of Process

25 23 20 21 21 21

Number of Days


15 Cut Off North East


0 Cut Off North East

Reference Check Process 21 15 Process

New Joinee Process 21 23 21

The percentage of salary pending cases in North region was 28% and salary processed cases were 72%. In East region it was 44% and salary pending cases were 54%. The reasons behind delay in salary processing were name mismatch in documents, delay in receiving documents from upcountry locations, delay in opening salary accounts of employee. Other reasons were Date of Birth mismatch, delay in receiving medical report of employees, delay in receiving acceptance letter.


percentage of the status of reference check process as on 7 June 2012 was; 87% cases were closed and rest 13% were pending. Telephonic method was used in 48% cases and Email was used in rest 52% cases for receiving revert from referees. The average number of completion of whole process was as follows:

New joinees process


Region- 23 days East Region- 21 days

Reference Check process

North Region- 15 days



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