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3 Types of Sentences

Simple Compound Sentences Complex Sentences Sentences

Simple ASentences sentence that

consists of one clause is called a Here are some simple simple sentence. 1. I am flying a kite. sentences.
2. They are washing the dishes.

4. The dentist is examining Susans teeth. 5. There are a lot of cars on the road. 6. There are some people walking on the beach. 7. We are eating our

m studying English right now. ke drinking coffee. you like sandwiches? here are you from? here do you come from? s like eating fish and rats. ains a lot in Thailand in September. e you a teacher? ailand is not the largest country in w

Are you a director? Open the door (now)! (exclamation ) Im sorry. How nice she is! There are many/several buildings in KRU.

Did you Know ? A simple sentence is

Compound ASentences sentence that

has two main clauses is called a compound sentence. The two main clauses are Some joined by and, and usually people are rich or, some people are poor. but or so.

Sara is good at history but she is not very good at maths. Jane opened the door and let Julie in. I wanted to borrow Johns bicycle but he refused.

Please keep quiet or you will have to go out. Joe had lost his key, so he came home with me. Sue writes with her right hand but Peter

s good at English, but she is not very good at st wan can speak English and she can speak Japane up late last night, so I feel very sleepy now. st study hard, or you will fail the examination.

s good at English, but she is not very good at st wan can speak English and she can speak Japane up late last night, so I feel very sleepy now. st study hard, or you will fail the examination.

A sentence that has a main clause and a subordinate clause is called a complex sentence.

Complex Sentences

The main clause and the subordinate clause are joined together by conjunctions such as when, if, unless, before,train if we after, Well miss the because, as, that, than. dont hurry. Dad was angry because I

Unless the weather improves dramatically, the match will be cancelled. We reached home before it got dark. I rang Mum to say that I

The main clause and the subordinate clause may be joined by relative pronouns such as who, which, that or A vet is a doctor who looks whose. after the health of animals. The camel is an animal that lives in the desert.

A laptop is a computer that you can hold in your hand. A vacuum cleaner is a machine that sucks joined They may also be the dirt out of carpet. as by question words such how, what, who, which,

Charlie explained how the program worked. Have you decided what you want to be? Do you know who they are? Nobody knows where the dog is.

Comparing and contrasting Comparing

Writing exercises

To judge, suggest or consider that something is similar or of equal quality to

Example (from Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary)

The poet compares his lovers tongue to a razor blade. Still only twenty five, she has been compared to the greatest dancer of all time. People have compared me to Elizabeth Tailor. You cant compare the two cities theyre totally different.

an obvious difference between two or more things: I like the contrast of the white trousers with the black jacket. The antique furnishing provides an unusual contrast to the modernity of the building.
There's a marked contrast between his character and hers.


noun [C or U]

Their economy has expanded enormously, while ours, by/in contrast, has declined. The amount spent on defence is in stark/sharp (= in very noticeable) contrast to that spent on housing and health. I love his use of contrast (= strong differences between light and darkness) in his later photographs.

More example sentences

order to show the differences between them: If one thing contrasts with another, it is very different from it: The styles of the two film makers contrast quite dramatically. If you contrast some of her early writing with her later work, you can see just how much she improved. The sharpness of lemons contrasts with the sweetness of the honey.

Contrasting (more examples) things in To compare two people or two

Compare and contrast the following pairs. 1. Tigers and Cats 1. Thailand and England 1. Apples and Tomatoes


What are their similarities and differences? (Try to use all 3 types of sentences learned earlier)

2. Football and Basketball

- Both the Chaopraya and the Maeklong are important rivers in Thailand. - Both the Chaopraya and the Maeklong rivers flow into the gulf of Thailand. - Both rivers run through several cities and provinces. - Both rivers are the major sources of many types of fish. - There are many factories and houses along the banks of the two rivers. - The Chaopraya river is getting polluted because the factory waste is poured into it every day, and so is the Maeklong river.

The Chaopraya River and The Maeklong River


Inriver is originated in the north contrast The Chaopraya

of Thailand, whereas, the Maeklong is originated in the west. The Chaopraya river flows into the gulf of Thailand in Samut Prakarn province, but the Maeklong flows into the gulf in Samut Songkhram province where it is called Tambon Maeklong. Although both rivers are important economically, the Chaopraya is considered more important, as it is the longest river in Thailand and it runs through the capital city of Bangkok. The Chaopraya runs through the central plain provinces like Chainat, Ayuthaya, Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi and Bangkok, whereas, the Maeklong runs through the western region provinces like Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi and