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Q3; What have you learnt from your Audience Feedback?

Following the successful level of feedback from the original questionnaires that we produced, we decided that the most effective way of gaining appropriate feedback post-production would be to create and distribute questionnaires when presenting our documentary, double page spread and radio trail to our class.

Documentary feedback
20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0

Yes No

Documentary feedback
Our overall documentary feedback was very positive particularly in certain areas; our strongest points being our level of clarity on the topic, our effective use of visuals, our appropriate use of interviewees and our well thought out combination of audio and visual factors, all gaining 20/20 praise. In general our documentary was seen as eye-catching with only 2/10 people saying that they wouldnt consider watching it outside of college.
Our lowest points in the documentary according to our questionnaires is the information (with only 12/20 people saying theyd learnt something from it) and the relation to our target audience (with 7/20 saying that they dont relate to the documentary. This is general is positive feedback and we have learnt how we could make our documentary stronger if we had to improve.

Double Page Spread feedback

20 15

Overall Rating out of 10

6 7 8 5% 21% 16% 9 10

10 5 0 Yes No



Double Page Spread feedback

Again, with our double page spread we received very positive feedback. In relation to professionalism 19/20 people said that it looked highly professional and the 1 who didnt said the images werent laid out well enough for the spread to look realistic. This was one of the things we picked out ourselves as something we would have improved on if we had the time as we found it difficult to find appropriate space for them. We also asked if seeing this spread in a magazine and having the opportunity to read it would they consider watching the documentary. 4/20 people said no, but this was mainly because they didnt read magazines or watch documentaries. This was expected due to the response we got from the very first questionnaires sent out pre-production as many people said they didnt watch documentaries. Finally we asked if our double page spread was appropriate in terms of style in relation to our documentary and as well as the first question 19/20 people said they thought it was very appropriate. The one person who said no however said they would have expected more colour due to the documentary being about creativity however we wanted it to look professional as it would have been published in the Radio Times and wouldnt be expected to be multi-coloured.

Radio Trailer feedback

20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Realistic? Attention grabbing? Sounds levels accurate? Appropriate? Yes No

Radio Trailer feedback

Our radio trailer was the most effective of the tasks in terms of positive responses from the feedback. Firstly we asked if our trailer adopted the typical characteristics or a radio trailer on a radio station and 18/20 people said it was very realistic. The 2 people who didnt said that it was too loud and sometimes too much to listen to. Next we asked if our radio trailer grabbed your attention from the start, 19/20 people said yes however the one person who didnt think it did said that it was too annoying because of the amount of interviews put into it. In terms of sound levels, 3/20 people said it was too loud and not consistent throughout, however when listening back we didnt notice anything unusual. Some people said the radio noise at the start startled them as it was too unexpected and loud, this could have possibly been turned down a bit as an improvement. 17/20 people thought that our radio trailer was appropriate to our documentary and double page spread, however they thought there were too many interviews in contrary to the amount in the documentary.