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CPI is a major manufacturer of prescription drugs for the medical and dental practices in the United States (US)

Organizational structure of the firm consists of detailers, District managers, Zone managers and the senior management CPIs workforce was made up of high-calibre individuals because of selection process ,initial training on the products and sales techniques and on-the-job training . The case study is a focused account of the employment history of Bob Marsh, a detailer who worked for the organization for over 12 years, within which period his performance was supervised by six managers who supplied thorough reports to the authorities.

Based on the performance appraisals that had been identified to undertake personal development Bob Marsh was let go from CPI The decision was delivered to Marsh in a private sitting, where he displayed an understanding to the path that had led to this stage. However, soon after the meeting, Marsh lodged a complaint of unfair treatment by the management in relation to his dismissal. Furthermore, many clients in his sales area forwarded complaints seeking clarification on why Marsh had been let go, as he was considered by them to be efficient and effective.

Undertake investigation of the entire scenario & surrounding circumstances that resulted in termination of Bob Marsh
What final action CPI management should take as regard to termination of Bob Marsh?

The strong bond that Marsh had formed was highlighted in all his appraisals signalling that he was a valuable part of the CPI team However a few contradictory values like his lack of organization showed that Marsh was a little too much at ease with his work.

Possible reason may be Marshs territory being his hometown meant that he had personal relations with a vast number of the clientele
It was negligent for Marsh to disregard company policy or instructions of his line managers, given at each review. Marsh established a positive relationship with the physicians and hospitals, and was known to them in a personal capacity

Dimensions of Sales Motivation Intensity: Bob had put forth enough efforts in his territory, the result is reflected in sales performance Persistence: YOY his performance had been good, he was continuing his efforts Choice: Bob was reluctant to follow management guidelines, but followed his own actions




Bob should have been allowed to continue his choice, however repeated reminder should be given to follow management guidelines. This will enhance motivation level of BOB

Behavioral concepts of Motivation

Rewards are desirable
Rewards linked to performance Performance goals are attainable

Bob was not very interested in salary hike, he even joined at a lower salary. Sales performance was not affected even after no salary growth

The rewards were not aligned with qualitative performance (planning, organization)

Management should have analyzed the failure of qualitative performance, understand Bobs profile & design customized rewards for him. encourage non-financial rewards as follows: Job enrichment Recognition Promotion Praise Encouragement

Failure of Leadership The district managers should have been more than mere Managers, they failed to become Leaders of the sales team They had taken decision without understanding the reasons behind it- Reactive approach They took short term decision without analyzing the long term impact at customer end They didnt take in to account of Bobs customer relationship management skills Franklin didnt give any chance to Bob to respond

Plateaued Effect

Bob was reluctant to do qualitative aspect of the job planning, organization, effective use of call
Remedy: Marsh should be assigned to new territory Alloting new assignment such as coaching new salespeople, gathering competitive intelligence etc He can be assigned with higher responsibilities

In terms of a recommended course of action for CPI, the appropriate method would be to reinstate Bob Marsh since . His strong bond with the clientele means that the risk of losing any valued customers could be avoided His ability to meet sales target means that the company was not affected financially by his actions His loyalty to the organization with 12 years of service may be considered as an asset and company should capitalise on his commitment to the growth of the organization