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Hussmann Products

Towards efficient food retailing

Hussmanns products include,

Refrigerated and non-refrigerated display merchandisers Refrigeration systems Evaporative condensers Heat exchange coils Beverage coolers Walk-in coolers and freezers

Other related products

Why Hussmann Products ?

Superior Merchandising
Lower Energy Costs Superior shelf life

Lower labor costs

Superior reliability

Merchandiser Display Cases Meat Diary/Deli Produce Frozen Sea food Hot foods Prepared foods Bakery Floral

Excel Elite- High efficient compared with Excel, stylish look Specialty Products- Based on specific end-usage Island- physical structure resembles an island

General Features Deck Glass front Physical size Efficiency Capacity Convertible (merchandising levels) : single-multi : Y/N, if YES- straight/curve : small-extra tall (length) : high-ultra high : medium-large : Y/N

M5X-E, 5Deck Meat M5X-GE, 5Deck MeatGlass front M5X-EP, 5Deck MeatExtra High Efficiency M5X-GEP, 5Deck Meat-Glass Front Extra High Efficiency

C5X-E, C5X-EP , MultiDeck Convertible, Standard Front Height C5X-LE, C5X-LEP , Multi-Deck Convertible, Low Front Height C5NX-LE, Multi-Deck, Narrow Footprint for Dairy/Deli

Excel type
M5X-E, 5Deck Meat M5X-GE, 5Deck Meat-Glass front M5X-EP, 5Deck Meat-Extra High Efficiency

C5X-E, C5X-EP , Multi-Deck Convertible, Standard Front Height C5X-LE, C5X-LEP , Multi-Deck Convertible, Low Front Height C5NX-LE, Multi-Deck, Narrow Footprint for Dairy/Deli

M5X-GEP, 5Deck Meat-Glass Front Extra High Efficiency

M5X-E & C5X-E

Standard energy efficient fan assembly fan motor, evaporator, fan blade Standard non-adjustable defrost thermostat Optional adjustable refrigeration thermostat Electronic ballast Fluorescent lamp LED canopy fixture

LED shelf fixture

M5X-E & C5X-E_ 4 ft. electrical data

Evaporator fan (120v,50/60 Hz) Standard Lighting (T-8 fluorescent) Optional Lighting (T-8 fluorescent, 3row canopy) Ecoshine II Canopy (1row, Ecoshine II plus) Ecoshine II plus rail light (1row) Ecoshine II plus shelf (3row) 36W 30W 89W 27.8W 10.2W 30.7W

E2S- Self service, three level display for deli, cheese & pizza. Easily adjustable shelves, height and length options, lighting options, shelving options Wedge options.

Eliste-E2S_4ft. electrical data

Energy efficient fan Standard lighting (2row canopy) Optional lighting (1 row rail light) - 14W - 66W - 62W

Optional shelf lighting (1row of shelves) - 62W

Specialty Product-ISLA
ISLA, Hussmanns unique design-yourown island merchandiser. Isla allows configurations from 4sided, 3-sided, 2-sided islands, to in-line and stand-alone cases.

ISLA: IM-R (refrigerated self-service multi-deck merchandiser)

Heights 50 (04), 58 (05) Types End(E), Centre (C), In-Line (I)

Lengths Centre In-Line End

: 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 : 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 : 5

IM-R Energy Saving Features

Optional night curtain increases efficiency by 12.6% if used 6hrs/day Brake feature assures smooth closure Concealed with canopy when not in use Energy Efficient Fans

IM-R: Possible Combinations

ISLA IM-R meat, deli combo ISLA IM-R meat, deli with optional Peg Bar

ISLA IM-R mea, deli ISLAND

ISLA deli, dairy ISLAND ISLA deli/dairy application

Refrigeration Systems
Parallel Racks- Parallel Compressor systems Central Secondary refrigeration systems Condensing units Protocol/Protochill/Protp-Aire refrigeration rack systems Port-A-Pak equipment centre

Equipment System

A complete, pre-assembled equipment center that can handle all refrigeration, electrical, and/or HVAC needs.

Other products
Life Line Premier Series- Hussmann recently introduced the Life Line Premier Series of reach-in cases, designed to attract shoppers attention, guide traffic and influence impulse purchases in frozen food departments.
Attract Shoppers With Enhanced Dcor

Enhance Product Visibility With Reflective Mullions

Greater Energy Efficiency With Innovator III Doors Save Energy With EcoShine LED Lights Industrys First Antimicrobial Door Handle

Other products
Innovator Doors- Improved energy efficiency system
Innovator Door Series I Innovator Door Series II

Door Anti-Sweat Heater Control (DASH) EcoShine LED lighting

Saves 71% energy cost when compared with Fluorescent Maximizes lighting effectiveness