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Yara activities in the cacao sector

Yara is a global supplier of fertilizers and nutrition advice to cacao farmers

3 key elements of Yaras position in cacao:

Product Knowledge Advice

Yaras co-operations with cocoa associations and research institutes


Trials in co-operation with CRIG (Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana) at farm level as well as on station Demonstration at different farmer sites to compare the local Yara program Implementation of best nutrient management through CAA (Cocoa Abrabopa Association), farmers meeting gathering 12,000 farmers in a stadium

Yaras co-operations with cacao associations and research institutes (Continued)


Trials in co-operation with USAID/Amarta II project Farmers demonstration with Meroke, our local business partner


Public Private Partnership with Mars, Cargill, MARD (Ministry of Agriculture), University of Tu Duc, Roots of Peace, Helvetas. Farmers demonstration in Mekong Delta and in the Highlands in collaboration with Grand Place Chocolate and the WASI Research Institute

Focus on key results from Ghana

The fundamentals of the success story for cocoa farmers in Ghana

An increase in yield as well as quality improvement when applying the Yara Crop Nutrition program for cacao,

Therefore farmers are able to get more returns!

What makes the Cacao Crop Nutrition Program so special in Ghana?

A complementary product: YaraLiva Nitrabor


25.9% Calcium (CaO) 15.4% Total Nitrogen

14.1% Nitrate 1.3% Ammonium

0.3% Boron
Bulk density (loose) = 1.1kg/l Granulometry (ISO) = 90% 2 -


Colour : yellow Dry application

Results from the field

Healthier cacao trees

Dense an dark green foliage With Yara Crop Nutrition

Less dense and less green foliage With Farmers practices

With Yara Crop Nutrition: Higher yields, more pods & heavier beans

Reducing the black pod disease with YaraLiva Nitrabor

Harvest - with Yara Crop Nutrition Program

Cacao trees receiving YaraLiva Nitrabor

Some farmers have experienced a yield of 2 to 3.75 mt/ha using the Yara Crop Nutrition Program
Harvest with Farmers practices high level of black pod infection

YaraLiva Nitrabor also impacts on quality

With Yara

With Farmers practices

Possible improvement in cacao nutrition in the Philippines

Balanced Nutrition is key as every nutrient has its role on plant growth

Balanced nutrition is needed to increase yield

1.8 1.6 1.4 Nutrient Ratio N = 1 1.2 1 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2 0 N P2O5 K2O N P2O5 K2O

Seeds in pod from low K application fail to fill completely

Farmer fertilizer application in the Philippines

Nutrient uptake ratio whole plant

Source: Modified after Thong & Ng (1978)

To also reduce Cherelle Wilt

a physiological disorder

Factors related to cherelle wilt are:

Water stress, poor drainage, nutrient deficiencies (N, P, B & Ca), incidence of pests and diseases Physiology: abnormal embryo

And to improve leaf flush

Leaves develop on cacao as groups or flushes. Leaves from one flush will mature before the next flush occurs. Nutrients for a flush of growth are drawn from the older leaves

YaraMila WINNER : balanced nutrition for cacao

15 % Total Nitrogen (N)

6.7% Nitrate 8.3% Ammonium

9 % Total Phosphorous

6.3% soluble P2O5

20 % Potassium (K2O) 1.8% Magnesium (Mg) 3.8% Sulfur (S)

0.015 Boron (B)

0.02 Manganese (Mn) 0.02 Zinc (Zn) Bulk density (loose) = 1.08kg/l

Granulometry (2-4) = 85%

Colour : green

Yara can assist the cacao farmers with many more improvements

Visit us at our exhibition booth to know more about our Cacao Crop Nutrition Program!