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IDEA Workforce tracking solution

Present Pain area

Want to know when will I get my service done

Have to call multiple times to field employee to track

Enhanced Productivity

When is my cargo getting delivered How to increase productivity of field employees Is everything going as per plan

I dont know where my Vehicles are?

Are my assets (Vehicle generating revenue)

Need of Enterprise Customer

A key area of inefficiency and cost in many organisations is the process of locating and tracking key assets/workforce. It is often difficult to locate assets /workforce quickly and easily when needed, leading to financial impact in the form of increased operational costs, inefficient processes and reduced staff productivity. Presently GPS based solution is available but have certain drawbacks
Cost towards procurement of hardware like, VTS, GPS based handset, etc. The present ecosystem & Service backup is not stable.

Benefits of Cell ID based Solution

USSD is a simple menu based session oriented services and can be used for variety of use cases. Key benefits of USSD over SMS & GPRS are as follows
Handset agnostic & works on all types of handsets thereby reducing any additional investment on handsets No cost of application development (Mobile based application) Simple menu with browser based application Interactive Two way communication with simple http/https based APIs Minimal deployment & integration time & easy to use Fast & Responsive Works even during low coverage Data is not stored inside the handsets

Solution Overview
The Solution has 3 basic components
Any GSM enabled Handset with Enterprise customer Location based server connected Idea network platform Web interface for enterprise customer to use the utility

The tracking options available for enterprise

Enterprise can track their employees on 10/30/60 mins basis Time of the day To give flexibility to employees, enterprise can also track the employee during office hours only. Admin can track the employees via his handset using USSD Create geo fence for employees

USSD call flow diagram

Customers (Idea/non-idea) Internet Connectivity



Idea GSM Network


Location Tracking server

How this Solution Works

Enterprise admin will request for the MSISDNs that needs to be tracked for official purpose with required document Enterprise will be given user name & password for the login account where the MSISDNs that needs to be tracked will be mapped The location tracking server will query HLR for to retrieve the serving cell ID of a subscribers handset at regular interval as defined by enterprise. The Cell ID information retrieved from HLR will be used to plot the location in Map and corresponding address will be informed to the enterprise on web interface

Target segment & Use Cases

The Solution would be offered only to following post paid segment including
NEB Enterprise SME

The Solution can be offered for variety of use cases: Examples:

Workforce (Sales/service) Location tracking Radio taxi tracking Inter state Fleet movement by tracking drivers Company hired Taxi movement Security Guard attendance (by location)

The pricing for Workforce tracking solution is defined on 2 criteria
Number of Subs that is going to be tracked, & Tracking interval required by the customer

The pricing slabs will be as follows

Tracked Subscriber Nos <49 50-199 100- 199 >200 Tracking Interval 10 Mins Rs 250 Rs 200 Rs 150 Rs 100 30 Mins Rs 200 Rs 150 Rs 100 Rs 75 60 Mins Rs 175 Rs 125 Rs 75 Rs 50


Username- 9702003581 Password- 6UKR6X( Dont change password)


Thank You