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FUZZY LOGIC database

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Saurabh Kumar Garg B.Tech IT VIII Sem 09EUDIT047


Brief History Introduction What is fuzzy logic? Why use Fuzzy Logic? Fuzzy Logic in Database Fuzzy Logic VS. Probability Fuzzy Applications Conclusion

Brief History

Classical logic of Aristotle: Law of Bivalence Every proposition is either True or False(no middle) Jan Lukasiewicz proposed three-valued logic : True, False and Possible Finally Lofti Zadeh published his paper on fuzzy logic-a part of set theory that operated over the range [0.0-1.0]


In many real world Applications Such as business decision making, medical diagnosis, and criminal justice, have to deal with information that is uncertain or imprecise . Classical database models often suffer from their incapability of representing and manipulating imprecise and uncertain information. Example : The age of Tom is About 32 .

The fuzzy logic has been used to extend various database models. The purpose of introducing fuzzy logic in databases is to enhance the classical database models such that uncertain and imprecise information can be represented and manipulated. In recent years, various fuzzy data models and fuzzy database systems have been proposed. These models and systems extend relational and objectOriented data models using the fuzzy set and the possibility theory to provide the ability of representing ill-known data and issuing queries containing Soft restrictions




of fuzzy

Fuzzy not clear, distinct, or precise; blurred of fuzzy logic


A form of knowledge representation suitable for notions that cannot be defined precisely, but which depend upon their contexts.

Why use Fuzzy Logic?


Fuzzy logic is flexible. Fuzzy logic is conceptually easy to understand. Fuzzy logic is tolerant of imprecise data. Fuzzy logic is based on natural language.

Fuzzy concepts in database


`Fuzzy' information or `fuzzy' data can arise in several ways. It could be : 1.Due to subjective judgments. i.e. a database may contain data that is describing things such as the quality of a school, the safety of a neighborhoods etc) 2.Due to nature of the information required by a user . i.e. a user may wish to make imprecise queries (`I want a list of universities that offer a good graduate program in software engineering and where the cost of living is low')

Fuzzy approaches have been used to extend systems in two main ways 1. Storing and updating imprecise information (data). 2. Processing imprecise queries

An example:

By using conventional method we can call a person TALL if the height is 7 feet and a person with height 5 feet is NOT TALL. That is we represent the person is either TALL or NOT TALL in Boolean Logic 1 or 0, 1 for TALL and 0 for NOT TALL

Fuzzy sets may be used to show the relationship or degree of precision: If S is the set of all people in the Universe, a degree of membership is assigned to each person in set S to find the subset TALL.

Degree of relationship

Fuzzy Logic Vs Probability


Both operate over the same numeric range and at first glance both have similar values:0.0 representing false(or non-membership) and 1.0 representing true. In terms of probability, the natural language statement would be there is an 80% chance that Jane is old. While the fuzzy terminology corresponds to Janes degree of membership within the set of old people is 0.80. Fuzzy logic uses truth degrees as a mathematical model of the vagueness phenomenon while probability is a mathematical model of ignorance.

Fuzzy Applications

Automobile and other vehicle subsystems : used to control the speed of vehicles, in Anti Braking System.

Temperature controllers : Air conditioners, Refrigerators

Cameras : for auto-focus

Home appliances: Rice cookers , Dishwashers , Washing machines and others


Fuzzy logic is not always accurate. The results are perceived as a guess, so it may not be as widely trusted . Fuzzy Logic control may not scale well to large or complex problems Fuzzy logic can be easily confused with probability theory, and the terms used interchangeably. While they are similar concepts, they do not say the same things.