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The Glass Town of

Founded in 1769 by Colonel Ebenezer Zane Originally Wheeling, VA Was the original capital of the state from 18631870 and 1875-88

Access to the Ohio River Cumberland National Road, the nations first roadway, was created by an act of Congress and reached Wheeling in 1818 from Cumberland, Maryland B & O Railroad (1853)

Tarnell and McGriffin Carruthers 1820-1821 UnKnown Gregg and Carruthers Pennell circa 1821 Unknown Products Ritchie and Wheat 1829-circa 1839; cut glass, tableware Wheeling Flint Glass Works 1829-1831; unknown products Plunkett and Ensell 18301837; window glass Franklin Glass House; unknown products M and R.H. Sweeney and Company 1835-1845; cut glass, barware, stemware

WV Glass Towns, Dean Six

Peachblow Jar with Lid 1885-1891

Plunkett and Miller 1837-1843; tableware, cut glass Clinton Window Glass Works circa 1839; window glass McNamee and Adams 18391842; unknown products South Wheeling Glass Works circa 1840; unknown products M & T Sweeney 1845-1848; tableware, cutglass American Flint Glass Works 1848-1852; cut glass Sweeney and Bell 1848-1851; tableware, cut glass Union Glass Works circa 1849; hollowware

Hobbs, Barnes & Company 1849-circa 1856; tableware, novelties Hobbs & Barnes post 1856-circa 1880; tableware/pressed Anderson & Company circa 1850; unknown products T. Sweeney and Son 1852-1863; tableware, cut glass Quarrier and Company circa 1856; products unknown Hobbs, Brockunier & Co. 1863curca 1886; tableware, art glass, lighting ware Osterling & Hall 1863-1864; unknown products Osterling, Henderson and Co 1864-1867; unknown products

WV Glass Towns, Dean Six

Central Glass Company 1867-1891; tableware Sweeney, Bell and Co 18671868; tableware, cut glass North Wheeling Glass Co. 1886-1917; beer, medicine, mineral water & novelty bottles Hobbs Glass Company 1891; pressed pattern glass U.S. Glass Factory O 18911896; tableware U.S. Glass Factory H 19811983; tableware, art glass Central Glass Works 18961939; tableware, stemware H. Northwood & Co 19021925; tableware, novelties

WV Glass Towns, Dean Six

Wheeling Glass Letter & Novelty Co. circa 1904circa 1915; glass letters for signs, novelties Enterprise Specialty Co circa 1907; tableware Haskings Glass Company circa 1913; gas & electric shades, globes North Wheeling Glass Bottle Co. 1919-1923; flasks, medicine bottles Bonita Art Glass Company circa 1919-1925; stem ware, bar ware, tableware
WV Glass Towns, Dean Six

Large green crackle glass flip vase w/ label Bonita Hand Made rough pontil , small imitation crackle fan vase with applied leaf, rough pontil. (from WV Glass: Between the World Wars Schiffer/Six)

1863 formed by disgruntled employees of Barnes, Hobbs and Co. Collectively financed the opening of their own glasshouse in an old pork packing plant and distillery High-grade tableware, gold decorated and cut stemware and tumblers, etched tableware, hotel and bar glassware (WV Glass

Between the World Wars, Schiffer/Six)

Purchased Chippendale line moulds (pressed patterns) from Jefferson Glass. Later combined with US Glass Co and became Factory O in 1891 flint glass/tableware

Circa 1871 Cabbage Rose Design

1901 Otto Jaegar organized the company and served as secretary, treasurer, and general manager. Specialized in stem ware, bar ware, tableware, decorative china and glass Jaegar moved the company to Huntington, WV in 1925 following an accident being hit by a car.

1931 Hazel-Atlas Glass Co. est. headquarters in Wheeling Produced metal closures for bottles and jars. Never produced hot glass at this location.