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Under the guidance of Ms. KOWSAR YASMEEN

Submitted by M.RAMYA KRISHNA (085K1AO429) B.MALLIKA (085K1A0420)

The main intention of this project 60 seconds voice recorder is

to record and playback the voice signals up to 60 seconds using APR9600 IC chip. The APR9600 is a good standalone voice recorder or playback IC with nonvolatile storage and playback capability for 32 to 60 seconds. It can record and play multiple messages at random or in sequential mode. In this project we use Random access mode .Random access mode supports2, 4 or 8messages of fixed duration. The maximum length of the 8 sound tracks is 7.5seconds each.

Sample rates are user-selectable, allowing designers to

customize their design for unique quality and storage time needs. The device is ideal for use in portable voice recorders, toys, and many other consumer and industrial applications. This technology enables the APR9600 device to reproduce voice signals in their natural form.


Complete chip

management is accomplished through the device control and message control blocks. At the left hand side of the diagram are the analog inputs. Recording can be fed directly into the ANA_IN pin through a DC blocking capacitor. The signal can be heard by connecting a speaker to the SP+ and SP- pins.


As mentioned earlier, the random-access mode

supports 2,4,or 8 messages of fixed durations. The length of each message is total recording length available divided by total number of memory segments.

RECORDING OF SOUND Pins 9,24 and 25 are pulled high through resistor R9 respectively. when switch s9 is closed, record pin27 goes low to enable recoding of the message from the microphone. PLAYBACK OF SOUND TRACKS open switch s9 to make pin 27 high while keeping other switches in the same positions as in recording.

Doorbell or entrance message. Greet your guests or

customers with a welcome message. Watchdog" burglar alarm system. Record the barking of a dog and connect this circuit to a alarm system to deter burglars. Toys applications where you need speech or audio effects. Talking picture frames for personal or museum use. Add it to the back of a picture frame of a friend or relative to have his or her voice be played back at any time.

Single-chip, high-quality voice recording &Playback


No external ICs required Minimum external components

Non-volatile Flash memory technology No battery backup required User-selectable messaging options Random access of multiple fixed-duration messages Sequential access of multiple variable duration Message.


By this we can record up to 60 seconds only. By using 8 push buttons the circuit becomes complex.

The range of message recorder kit can be used to store

voice messages or sound clips and effects etc, .in fact just about any noise you want to capture and replay. It has re-recordable nonvolatile memory. Which means the message will be stored even after the units are turned off and back on again.

With the APR9600 we can record and playback up to 60 seconds only. But with the advanced digital audio record player you can record more can 60 seconds of speech with the built in microphone and later play it back any time.
This unique design is made possible through the ISD2XX series of integrated circuits which stores

voice and audio signals directly.