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My Library

A digital library framework

Microsoft * HYDLIBRARY

Library & Archives
Library services
Current Awareness Service
Research on specific Information Queries
Reference Service
Reprographic Service
News Clipping Service
Facility to access to other libraries
Library Operations
•Maintain overall sight of all Circulation Routine
•Shelf rectification
•Handling of reference Queries
•Periodicals section routines
•Handling of Cataloguing
•Handling of classification(DDC Volumes)
•Retrieving the books from Collection
•Handling of library software
•Maintaining online data base
•Retrieve information from online data base like EBSCO Host
•Collection and organize books, magazines, periodicals and CD.
•Track material in circulation, send reminder when necessary and follow through
to ensure materials are returned.
•Browsing internet for new related books which should be ordered.
•Ordering online books
•Some books and magazines archiving.
•Raising PO’s for books, magazines etc.
•Replying mails
• Visiting libraries(up dating HYDLIBRARY)
•Suggesting appropriate books to employees
•Providing the books, periodicals and CD’s at their desk who every request via phone,
communicator, and mail etc. and other work which comes to my notice I will handle,
like dues which are pending with them(book magazines and CD’s) sending no dues.
•Processing of books and Magazines ( entry in the catalogue, bar coding books)
Report for a Year 1907-08
Librarian by Day
Day in the life of a Digital services Librarian
News clippings
Circulations routines –
Handling of library software’s  
Processing of books, magazines and CD’s
(classification, cataloguing, bars coding)
Handling Quires  
Ordering books 
Handling Mails
Digital HYD Library
Emerging technology to enable easy access to

Processed of books, magazines and CD’s (bar

Arranged according to classification, class
number and catalogue.

Developed Portal (OPAC) http://hydlib/

The Library Strategy
Library Strategy identifies a high-level strategic plan which will inform the
Library’s development over coming days.

Creation of Distribution List ( DL) with few stakeholders etc

Library Blog
RSS – Feeds sending regular updates on new arrivals etc
Brain Storming – session on a monthly basis to improve services
Collection Boxes – At three buildings, near mail room for employees to return the
Ø Explore future tie ups/Addition – corporate memberships

Ø Strategy for embedding special collections materials

Ø Library services will digitize collections

Ø The library will compile a strategy for the future development of its e- repositories

Ø Best Developed electronic libraries

Ø Library operational plan, which will develop annually to deliver the objectives
of the library strategy
Ø Specifically but I do try to meet with everyone who work with different MS
products (Reference) once a month for discussion and feedback
Ø Library Archives (Rare – Books, Magazines, CD’s)
Ø PR of library (Gifts – Jerkins & Retractors)
Ø Other enhancements – like poster displaying, news letters
Ø Library Updates
Additional Requirements
• Printer and scanner
• Laptop
Library expenses report

Thank You