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RSLogix 5000 and RSLogix 500

Installing and using RSLogix 5000 and RSLogix 500

Why Choose RSLogix 5000?

Innovations No need to point to physical memory addresses when writing code.

Use names to represent data variables.

RSLogix 5000 : RSLogix 500 :

No access to memory addresses Can access memory directly Low-level language

Installing and using RSLogix 5000 and RSLogix 500

More advantages:

Used to program all five Rockwell Automation Logix platforms: ControlLogix CompactLogix FlexLogix SoftLogix5800 DriveLogix.

Connecting hardware

Devicenet variable speed drives Ethernet wireless control PanelView control / monitoring of equipment Peer to Peer connectivity

Why Choose RSLogix 5000?

State-of-the-art for most industries that are not locked into corporate brand PLC:

Fanuc for the many GE subsidiaries

TOYO for Toyota

Why Choose RSLogix 5000?

Additional advantage: Used to program all five Rockwell Automation Logix platforms:

SoftLogix5800 PowerFlex 700S DriveLogix

ControlLogix CompactLogix




I/O has a unique modular rackless design, which both contributes to system cost savings and reduces parts inventory Its communication bus, typically found in the I/O rack, is instead integrated into each Compact I/O module

SLC 500 family

SLC 500 5/03 vs. 5/01 processors

Simple and affordable processors with broad capabilities to address applications such as material handling, HVAC control, assembly operations, small process control, and SCADA applications. Advanced instruction-set based on PLC-5 mid-size processors. Broad line of digital and analog I/O modules, including intelligent I/O modules and including I/O modules available from third-party vendors (Encompass program). Each SLC 5/01 processor has a DH-485 port for programming and processor-to-processor communication initiated from the other node. SLC 5/02, SLC 5/03, SLC 5/04 and SLC 5/05 processors have communication ports that can initiate communication (e.g., Ethernet, DH+, DH-485, or RS-232-C).

SLC 500 5/03 processors

Customize your Processor

Add ControlNet Add DeviceNet Add Universal Remote I/O Add BASIC programming capability

SLC 500 5/03 processors

Customize your Processor

Add ControlNet 1771 1746 1793 1794 1797 1747-SCNR15 scanner module

SLC 500 5/03 processors

Customize your Processor

Add DeviceNet 1791D 1793 1794 1792 1747-SDN scanner module

SLC 500 5/03 processors

Customize your Processor

Add Universal Remote I/O 1746 1771 1793 1794 1791 1747-SN scanner module

SLC 500 5/03 processors

Customize your Processor

Add BASIC programming capability DH-485 RS-232 communication ports 1746-BAS or 1746-BAS-T module

Why Choose the SLC 500?

Controls hundreds of thousands of processes around the world amusement park rides to pharmaceutical processing 15 M processors and 12 M, I/O modules installed worldwide Used by over 75% of companies comprising the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) Large choice of I/O available from Rockwell Automation and third party companies, making these products appropriate for almost any application Over 100,000 customers trained in the U.S. alone, making this product one of the most understood of its type

Devicenet Connection and Scanners

1747-SDN Scanner

Installation of RSLogix

Installation of RSLinx

Installation of EDS files

Identifying main window components

Configuring the Display

Configuring the Controller

Creating & Managing Project Files

Organizing Tasks

Program Routines


Management of Tag Descriptions

Exporting & Importing Tags

Online Editing Functionality

Modify while running

Fine-tune an operating control system including PID loops Reduces development time
Aids troubleshooting

Establishing Communications

Using RSLinx as a Service

DH 485

DF1: A communications interface solution for Rockwell Automation

DF1 protocol is an Allen-Bradley data-link layer protocol that combines features of subcategories D1 and F1 of ANSI x3.28 specification.

Half-duplex protocol (master-slave communication)

Full-duplex protocol (peer-to-peer communication) Formal Driver Type: Serial, Client or Server

Connection type: RS-232 or RS-485

PMO2 Cable

PMO2 Cable
Allen Bradley PLC Replacement Programming Cable for the Micrologix Series

Allen Bradley: 1761-CBL-PM02

$14.00 (2nd source)

Supports RSLinx communications (DF1 or DH-485) between SLC 500, controllogix, and 1761 devices:



Mixing Devicenet Cable Types

Mixing Media on a DeviceNet trunk line

Thick, Thin, and Flat (KwikLink) are 120 ohm impedance cables Apply the 'weakest link' theory when calculating distances allowed. when mixing cables, use KwikLink specs. To determine maximum length allowed Return (V-) and shield should be grounded in accordance with DNet requirements; (reference DN-6.7.2) available on Rockwell website Proper grounding discussed in Knowlegebase record G21030.

Mixing Devicenet Cable Types ups/literature/documents/in/1761-in002_-mup.pdf ups/literature/documents/in/1770-in041_-enp.pdf#xml= xt?query=knowlegebase+grounding+&pr=literat =500&rprox=750&rdfreq=0&rwfreq=0&rlead=2 50&sufs=1&order=r&cq=&id=457b9875b

Mixing Devicenet Cable Types

Go to:

"Advanced Interface Converter" "installation instructioins Find: 1761-in002_-mu-p.pdf on list


knowlegebase grounding Choose: Industrial Automation Wiring and Grounding Guidelines

Ethernet 1761 NET ENI ControlLogix


1761 NET DNI



1761 NET AIC

SLC 500

Internet DeviceNET Bus DH1 or DH485

Using: R$Linx 1761 Interface Devices PM02 Cable(s) SoftLogix 5800

CAT 5 Cable

CAT 5 Cable

Stripe runs along the length of wire



Cable to Wireless
801.11 Wireless Laptop CAT5 1761NET ENI PM02 Excel RSLinx

Provides realtime data updates



DeviceNET 3-phase Motor


Cable to VPN
VPN CAT5 1761NET ENI PM02 PLC Computer located anywhere




DeviceNET 3-phase Motor


Net AIC control

1770-KFD Module

portable RS-232 communication interface a host computer access to a DeviceNet network.


1770-KFD Module

DH 485 peer to peer connector

DH 485 Pignose connector

Ethernet Net ENI Control


An RS-232 communication channel allows for simple connectivity to a personal computer for program upload, download, and monitoring using multiple protocols, including DF1 FullDuplex.

1761 NET AIC


messaging capability allows you to network up to 32 controllers on DH485 (using a 1761-NET-AIC module).


communications networks, including DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP through the 1761-NET-DNI or 1761-NET-ENI communication modules can be used for innovative connections.

Networks introduction l EtherNET Specs. Devicenet Specs. Serial (DH1) specs. DH485 specs

Rockwell Automation ( > Catalogs > Automation Systems Catalog > Programmable Controllers > CompactLogix System > 1769 CompactLogix System > Networks

Configuring RSlinx

Features Added to RSLinx 2.41


driver enhanced to increase browsing performance. The node table object on the card now determines valid nodes instead of RSLinx browsing for them.

Features Added to RSLinx 2.41


added for a new item property (I.D. is 5000). This property exists only for ControlLogix items and will test an item to determine if it is boolean.

Features Added to RSLinx 2.41


DeviceNet error code added for better address parsing of parameter errors

Features Added to RSLinx 2.41

More support added for OPC 2.05 compliancy.

Specific support includes:


and Currency Returning errors when values out of range Failing the AddItems when requested data type is invalid

RSLinx V2.5
RSLinx Classic SDK now allows you to develop .NET OPC client applications using the .NET OPC interface.

Uploading or Downloading Projects

Going online

Run program modes


programming Offline programming Test and troubleshooting

Remote run switch

Monitoring Status

Controller status

Data files Robert Filer, George Leinonen, ISBN 013025603X

Written around Allen-Bradley's popular programmable controllers, this self-contained, state-of-the-art reference teaches people in the industry how to write sophisticated programson the PLC they are most likely to encounter on the job.
It contains a wealth of structured programming examples, and the up-to-date ControlLogix processor. Three techniques for writing PLC programs are covered: zone control; subroutines; and sequential function charts. Systematic steps lead readers away from using a trial-and-error method of programming in order to increase efficiency by reducing program writing time, ensuring good documentation, and aiding in troubleshooting. For manufacturing engineers, control engineers, production engineers, and plant engineers.

Configuring Function Block Display Options

Function Block: Boolean Logic

Function Block: Boolean Logic

Function Block: Boolean Logic

Function Block: Boolean Logic

Function Block: Boolean Logic

Softlogix Control

Softlogix 5800 provides virtual PLC control using a PC and RSLogix 5000.
All RSLinx, DeviceNET, and Ethernet applications apply.

1761-NET-ENI EtherNet/IP Interface


through any standard RJ45 Ethernet cable Base-T Port with embedded LEDs allows connection to provide easy-to-see link transmit / receive


1761 AIC

Allows linking of SLC 5/03 or 5/04 processors using DF1 Half-Duplex master/slave protocol Accepts power via the 8-pin mini DIN from a Compactlogix or SLC 500 controller or an external power connection Offers two isolated RS-232 connections one 9-pin D-shell one 8-pin mini DIN to protect connected devices that may be on different power sources.

Also offer an RS-485 6-pin Phoenix connection for multi-drop connections

Net DNI control

1761 NET DNI


interface links the controller to other devices on a DeviceNet network to: download configuration data to a device. monitor operational status of a device. communicate with peer devices. upload/download programs.

PID Control


the 1761 series adapters designed for the Micrologix platform to connect the controllogix, compactlogix and SLC 500 controllers allows the ultimate in flexibility between Allen-Bradley components and industry standard Ethernet and Devicenet components.


Bibliography 6.pdf#search=%22Installing%20and%20using%20RSLogix% 205000%20and%20RSLogix%20500%22 documents/in/1771-in014_-enp. pdf#xml= net+connection+and+scanners&pr=literature.rockwellautomat req=0&rlead=250&sufs=1&order=r&cq=&id=451eff0fb