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Dynamic Analysis of Cyclohexane Production with Aspen HYSYS V8.

Revised: Nov 27, 2012

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Convert steady-state simulation to dynamic. Become familiar with Aspen Dynamics user interface Investigate sudden changes in hydrogen feed rate on product composition and flowrate

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Cyclohexane can be produced from the following reaction: 3H2+C6H6 C6H12 Aspen HYSYS Dynamics allows users to see how a system switches from one steady-state condition to another one due to changes in the operating conditions. Being able to predict how a system will respond to disturbances helps process engineers avoid undesirable results

2012 Aspen Technology, Inc. All rights reserved

Key Teaching Points

Pressure driven dynamic simulation requires specification of inlet and outlet pressures.
Flowrates are determined from pressure drop.

Valves can be sized automatically by HYSYS Dynamics and manually be specifying a conductance value.
Conductance values can be changed once the results of a dynamic simulation are observed

Reactor feeds can be controlled to maximize product production

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Problem Statement

Conversion reactor
1080 ft3 Hydrogen feed 310 lbmole/hr Benzene feed 100 lbmole/hr

Dynamic sequence
Run simulation for 1 hour Ramp hydrogen feed from 310 lbmole/hr to 300 lbmole/hr over 1 hour Run simulation for 1 hour Over 1 hour, ramp hydrogen feed up to 320 lbmole/hr Run simulation for 1 additional hour

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