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What is an Interview ? Types of Interview Prerequisites for an Interview Strategies For Success at Interview How to Interview Candidates ? Conclusion Doubts and Queries ?

What is an Interview ?
Oral tool to test a candidate Procedure to find out skills, knowledge and ability

Types of Interview

Telephonic / Computer / Video Conferencing Interview One-on-One Interview Serial interview Sequential Interview Panel Interview Group Interview Situation or Performance Interview Audition Interview Stress Interview Informational Interview Directive or Structured Style Interview Meandering Style Interview Mealtime Interviews Follow-up Interviews
Behavioral Interview

Prerequisites for an Interview

Arrive early Relax and Freshen up Take in the Atmosphere Bring extra copy of your CV or Resume

Strategies For Success at Interview

First Impression Body language Know yourself Know the company Know the job profile

First Impression
you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Matt Lauer (American Journalist)

Halo effect Devil effect

Your appearance is all wrong An obvious lack of confidence Nothing much to say

Get the Basics Right - Body Language

Handshake Body Posture / Gestures Eye contact Facial Expression Reinforce what you are saying examples Be positive about things

Know your self Know your company

Who am I ? What are my Skills, Strengths and Weaknesses ? What are my Goals ?

Company Size Core Values MISSION and VISSION

Know your job

Your role Your Responsibilities Are you ready to take that ?

How to Interview Candidates ?

Define your objectives before you start Select your questions in advance Build an interview team Layout Process Legal and Illegal Inquiries Create a Positive Image for Your Organization

Define your objectives before you start

Describe the position's duties and the technical knowledge and skills required to do the job

Identify success factors: How did previous top performers in this job behave? Establish performance expectations: What do you expect this person to accomplish?

Select your questions in advance Icebreakers

Before we start, would you like a cup of coffee or glass of ice

water? Tell me about yourself?

Traditional Questions What are your greatest strengths? What is your experience with [competency, skill, function? Why do you want to work for us?

Situational Questions How would you deal with an irate customer? If we were to hire you, what is the first thing you would do? How do you deal with stress on the job? Behavior-Based Questions Tell me about a crisis you could have prevented. Did you do anything differently after the crisis had passed? Tell me how you resolve crises by deploying your team members. Give me a specific example? Culture-Fit Questions What gave you the greatest feeling of achievement in your last job? Why was this so satisfying? Why did you choose this type of work? What motivates you to work hard? Give me some examples?

Build an interview team

Whenever possible, have more than one person interview candidates Team should consist of both Technical and HR person. Team Members should not be biased or stereotype.

Layout Process

Before the Interview

Put candidates at ease

Don't judge on first impressions

During the Interview

Tell the candidate a little about the job Don't be afraid to improvise Listen Take notes Invite candidates to ask questions

After the Interview

Let candidates know what they can expect Compare notes and reach consensus

Legal and illegal inquiries

Affiliations Age Alcohol or Drug Use Criminal Record Culture/Natural Origin Disability Marital/Family Status Personal Race/Color Religion

Create a Positive Image for Your Organization

The job market is always competitive when looking for good people. We need to realize that we're selling ourselves as much as candidates are trying to sell themselves. It's important to treat people well during the interview process. I never want to lose a potential customer or cause a candidate to have a negative impression of our company.
Joan Woodward, AVP and Senior HR Business Partner at Fifth Third Bank

Before we conclude lets watch a movie clip

Things which both interviewer and interviewee should keep in mind Dress Properly Do your homework

Listen and try to understand things

Doubts and Queries