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Informal letter

What is Informal Letter?

are writen to family members, relatives and friends, and love letters

Structure of a Personal Letter

Date Greetings and Name Recipent Introduction Body Closure Complimentary Close Signature

Structure of a Personal Letter

1. Date This is the date when the letter is written 2. Greetings and Name of Recipient The greeting usually starts with the word Dear followed by the given name of the recipient or relationship and it ends with a comma. eg : Dear Ronald, / Dear Uncle,.

3. Introduction This is the opening of a letter. It may include greetings like How are you?. Sometimes, you may refer to a previous letter.
4. Body This is the main body of the letter. It includes the message that the writer wants to tell the recipient. It is often divided into paragraphs.

5. Closure This part indicates the letter is going to end. The writer may ask the recipient to reply here.
6. Complimentary Close This short expression includes a few words on one line. It ends with a comma. eg : Yours sincerely, Best regards, Love,

7. Signature the signature of the writer

Language Use

1.Formality and Accuracy Formal and accurate grammar and spelling are expected, depending on the relationship between the writer and the recipient.

2. Style Language use may be personal. For example, first and second person pronouns may be frequently used.

Guidelines to write an informal letter:

Explanation format of informal letter

1. Address The writers address is written at the top right-hand corner. For example: 25, Jalan Tebing 8/8, Seksyen 8, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

2. Date Written below the address.For example: 6 June 2011

3. Greeting Written on the left-hand side of the letter. Begin with: i) Dear........, eg: Dear Amin, Dear Latifah, ii) Dearest, or My dear., (close friends &

eg: Dearest father, My dear Uncle Syed, Dearest Siti,

4. Opening(1stparagraph) You may begin your letter by: i) Asking about the persons health. For example: - How are you? I hope that youre in the pink. - Hows your family getting on? - Im fine and I hope youre fine too. - I hope that youre as fit as a fiddle.

ii) Asking what the reader had been up to? - Hows the weather at your place? Not too hot I hope. - Did you get to visit your grandparents? - Did you go on your trip to Paris as you had hoped? They say Paris is a beautiful city.

iii) Expressing happiness: For example: - I received your letter on - Im happy to receive your letter - Thank you for your letter which I received.. - Im so glad to hear.. - Im glad to learn that.

Iv )Expressing sorrow: - Im sorry to hear that.. v) Expressing apology: - Id like to say sorry for - Im sorry for not writing.

5. Content (Several paragraphs) mention your main reason for writing the letter. You may use the following phrase: # In your last letter, you wanted me to describe / advice.. # Im writing this letter to.

6. Closing (Last paragraph) Inform the reader that you are ending the letter. You may use the following phrases: - Ill write again soon. - Do write to me soon. - Well, thats about all for now. - Please give/send my regards to - Please convey my warm regards to. - Let me pen off here. - Take care of yourself. - Hope to hear from you soon. - Im looking forward to hearing from you soon. - Hope to receive a reply from you. - Bye / Goodbye.

7. Signing off i) If you are writing to your parents, you can sign off using: -Your loving daughter, -Yours lovingly, -Yours affectionately ii)If you are writing to friends or relatives, you can sign off using: -Your friend, -Yours sincerely, -Yours faithfully, -Your niece / nephew,

8. Signature Sign your name at the bottom of the letter in the right-hand corner.For example: Nuurunnuha

Exercise Your younger brother has just enrolled into a residential school. He is facing some problems. Write a letter to your brother, giving him some advice on how he can overcome some of his problems. Use the points given below in your letter. -organise your time -choose friends carefully - have an open mind -concentrate on studies -make use of the facilities available -follow school rules Expressions used: -as fit as a fiddle - in good health -time is gold -bad hats - troublemakers -state-of-the-art - modern -a healthy mind creates a healthy body -pen off - stop writing